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Um, How Awful Was Ke$ha’s Performance on SNL This Past Weekend?

Pretty fucking terrible.

And definitely amateur. Didn’t anyone tell her that you’re supposed to lip sync when you’re on shows like this if you’re more of a “dancer” than a “singer,” anyway? Guess not.

Even celebrity guest Ryan “Where’d-My-Career-Get-To” Phillippe is like, “Jaysus, I have to share the stage with … this?”

The popstar performed her song, “Tik Tok” early in the night — before, uh, getting wasted or whatever — and later took to the stage to screech perform 9th grade anthem, “Your Love is My Drug.”  She looks good, from what I can see of her face and bod, but she’s trying way too dang hard to be a Lady Gaga/Madonna hybrid.  It kind of borders on manically contrived.  Especially in the second video, below.

Yike. Sleep it off, Ke$ha. Sleep. it off.

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  • Uhm, she’s neither a singer or dancer. Tik Tok is a catchy song and her vocals sound 100 times better on the radio– they must do some major voice reworking on her albums. I’ve never heard her sing even half decent during a live venue.

  • ….
    I’m an avid SNL fan and usually watch every Saturday, but I didn’t have the energy/wasn’t nearly drunk enough to watch this bitch try to sing or Ryan Phillippe try to be funny.
    Can her 15 minutes be up now?

    • And his, too? I seriously can’t stand Ryan Phillipe. I’ve never found him to be attractor nor is he a particularly good actor.

      But this Ke$ha is a monstrosity.

  • She’s trying too hard because she’s crap.

    What the crap is with her fake-sounding whiney voice?!

    The lazer bit, the fact she cant stop looking to whoever is at the side of the camera, the fact the audience couldn’t care less, her clothes, her lack of singing talent, the fact she’s still ‘singing live’ when the microphone is away from her mouth and her lips aren’t moving when she turned to the side…….video one finished.

    Video two……no comment, no point.

    Words can’t describe how much i think she’s is the biggest waste of air. Shoot to kill! SHOOT!!!!

  • hate the song. hate her. buuuut. i’ve seen worse.

    singing and dancing at the same time is f*cking hard.

    what is TOTALLY LEOTARDED are her backup dancer dorks in those asstronaught costumes…..lolllzzzzzzers hahaha

  • i have never, nor will i ever, become a fan. stupidest lyrics i have ever heard. i had to try to explain to my mom who she is the other night during SNL, and that, yes, she spells her name with a dollar bill sign, and no, it’s not a joke, and then i got so frustrated that i was wasting my time even acknowledging her precence that i had to turn off the tv. okay, i turned it back on when she was finished to watch the rest of another crappy SNL (i’m a fan, but somebody’s slackin). ke$ha, really? KE$HA?! do people really listen to this crap

  • didn’t think the vocals were that awful but the way she kept looking around for someone to tell her to start reminded me of a 5th grade play about the ecosystem.

  • well to be fair (even though i hate tic toc) i think she was decent on there. No one with any brains lip syncs on that show after Ashly Simpson made such an arse of herself. And she is not exactly a seasoned professional but is actually an amateur at this point.

    Also SNL routinely has new pop stars on stage so they are not necessarily some purveyor of good classic music.

    Most of today’s top 40 radio stars could not sing live their songs because auto tune is the new replacement for talent.

    (BTW Madonna, Britney, Jlo and gaga not amazing singers either)

    Also I think capes should so make a comeback.

    • Again, I’m gonna hafta agree with Melissa here. No matter how valid all the criticisms were on their own merit, I just plain liked it. Was it the greatest ever? No, but neither the worst. I liked the costumes. She worked it as hard as she could, and she’s no lady Gaga, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

      I give it a mild thumbs up.

  • Her pelvis looks huge in the cape outfit! GIANT! I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, it just made me think of that Jamie Lee Curtis shit yogurt commercial. Oh god, I can see the particles trickle through her small intestines.

  • I am having painful flashbacks to my 7th grade dance recital, which also involved neon face paint and black lights. Such a sight was lame and embarrassing back then. A few decades have not changed that.

  • Little girls with no musical tastes grow up into adults and still have no musical taste. They spend money, even when they know better as adults, on talentless twits like Britney Spears, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Keisha.

    • your right it is a very vicious cycle that continues to grow like like cancer.
      i kinda hate the youth of america right now.

      Does anyone remember what MTV was like in the 90’s? It was fucking great.

      i’m also inoculating my kids daily with talented musicians…it is my responsibility and contribution to society to make sure they have good taste in music and do not drive like jackasses.

      • You are the older generation. Its always been that the older generation does not like what the younger generation does like. It’s very straightforward if you take the time to look at history for like two seconds. I kind of hate the older generation

  • She’s just moved up to the top of my “things I’d like to murder” list, just ahead of mimes and evilbeetdouche.

  • She is reason #1,345 to watch SNL on a DVR and not during the actual telecast. Thanks God for fast-forward on the remote.

  • At first, when I saw this being’s pic after the break, I thought that it was weird that Ryan Philippe was shot wearing a dress, that it really didn’t suit him and that they had done a crappier than usual job on that one. Then I realized it was that, uh, being.

    Please forgive me, Ryan.

  • It was amateurish, but she’s an amateur…so…yeah. She’s got a couple of hit songs from the same album. I thought her vocals, which sound crappy on the radio, sounded about the same live. I thought she was better than El Woods’ ex.

  • LOL to me, it sounds the exact same as it sounds on the radio = ridiculous and very fucking annoying.

    I also wish she would just go away, she’s NOT an artist, in any way shape or form.

  • I am glad there are other people out there that actually see that Ke$ha is not an artist at all and is putting a damper on real music, there are real artist’s out there that work hard and preform and actually sound amazing and then you have Ke$ha who can’t sing so she does her stupid voice AHHHHHHHHH I’m sorry I just get upset I am glad many people saw this person for who she is and hopefully will disappear in the wind just like Ashley Simpson did and so many of them before them.

  • I’m just glad she actually brushed her hair and wore a decent amount of make-up. I was so sick of that terrible sparkly, black ink dripping, black eye thing she had going on, on just one eye.

    And also, that laser thing was totally random. As was that “does anyone ever stop to think maybe we’re the aliens?” question, even if it’s somewhat of a good thought.

  • I watched Tik Tok and rewound it to see it again. A small stage wasn’t enough to hold back on Kesha’s strong singing ability…she wasn’t lip synching much. Her ability to provide a festive display with semi-procative dance steps is a true testiment to her high school chear leader coach. She learned well and is doing a fantastic job!!!

    Thank you, Keisha!!!!

    I’m a fan of SNL again!

  • She was better than Justin Bieber in any case…..even the cranked up auto tune couldn’t completely hide his wrong notes!

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