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Jennifer Lopez Is A Bad Person

A photo of Jennifer Lopez

Ok, she might not be a bad person, but she’s certainly not a great one. Jennifer Lopez is one of those people who make a huge deal out of everything and who takes everything way too personally. She’s the kind of person who would refuse to tip if a waitress took a little too long to bring the check. If a stranger accidentally brushed shoulders with her in a crowded place, she would ask the stranger where she gets the nerve to push her around like that. Do you get what I’m saying? Do you see where I’m going with this? MEGA DIVA BITCH.

But here’s what she did:

Jennifer Lopez was not acting out a scene from Maid in Manhattan!

A maid who worked at the luxury hotel Melia Duesseldorf was fired after asking the superstar for her autograph, according to German newspaper Bild.

“I cleaned on her floor. And I am an incredibly big fan so I took all my courage and rang the bell to get an autograph,” Pray Dodaj said about when she tried to approach J.Lo. “But I was rejected by two assistants at the door.”

Pray said that even though she didn’t get an autograph from the singer, her employer fired her anyway.

“A day later the cleaning company that employed me at the hotel called and said that Ms. Lopez had complained. I was fired right there on the phone! Because of an autograph!”

Cyrus Heydarian, the hotel director, explained why they fired the maid, even though she never got the autograph from J.Lo.

“She has acted contrary to the contractual arrangements and disturbed the privacy of our guests.”

Oh my god, Jennifer Lopez, get over yourself. Sure, I get why she wouldn’t want to sign an autograph while she was chillin’ in her hotel room. Maybe she was banging Casper Smart, and who would want to cut that adventure short? Or maybe she was sleeping, and that’s why her assistants turned the woman away. But she didn’t have to call and complain. This woman cleaned her floors, and then she knocked on a door. Not even to be creepy or mean or at all negative, just to get Jennifer to write her name on a piece of paper real quick. It’s not a big deal, and it’s not like Jennifer had no idea what would happen if she complained. So, again, MEGA DIVA BITCH.

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  • I was once fired from a restaurant for asking for an autograph from a band that was in town for a concert. It was explained to me that these musicians choose the restaurant because of their anonymity and for at least one hour they can have a peaceful lunch without being asked for an autograph.
    In jlo’s defence, I’m sure when she chose the hotel she was hoping to not be bothered by fans and simply relax. This request should be respected by the hotel staff taking care of her.

    • I see your point, but FIRING her? Couldn’t have they given her a severe warning? Anything? Did they have to fire her and make her lose her livelihood? López wasn’t even bothered, it was two assistants who stopped the maid. The cognitive dissonance here is astounding, taking into account López’s family origins. I would expect someone like her to be slightly more sympathetic of working class folks.

    • I see why you fired. I work at an upscale gym where celebrites go. It is extremely tacky to ask for an autograph on their personal time. I go to another gym so my clients will not bother me while working out on my personal time.

  • Aaaaah, the memories. Oh, I was just looking at the photo and it’s ironic that she had that same reaction the first time she laid eyes on my peedo just before I tapped that ass, but she quickly got use to the dangling beauty!

  • I know the paper ‘Bild’ and the truth content of it usually lies at about 2%… I call BS on this. If it’s true, however, I don’t think there was an overreaction – the maid didn’t act according to her contract, the decision was made by her boss and not Lopez’s party.

  • Yeah, if she signed a contract saying she wouldn’t bother “the famous guests” or whatever, the hotel had every right to fire her. The fact that JLO or her people complained is pretty pathetic though. They had to have known it would cost the woman her job. It must really suck to not only get fired, but to get fired over JENNIFER LOPEZ.

    • Yes, she should have complained, the worker deserved both the termination and to be complaint against her. I’m no fan of Ms. Jennifer Lopez, however, this individual violated both her contract and the privacy of Ms. Lopez. The worker was too consumed with her on “feelings” about the situation, did not stop to think about any obvious consequences. She took the risk and paid the price. Now could Ms. Lopez have gracefully let that intrusion slide, possibly, but think about who she is and what she does for a living. Would you want some strange person just deciding to disturb and/or harass you in this manner? I wouldn’t if I was her.

  • It bothers me when mega-stars treat their fans like crap. Where do you think your money comes from? It is people like this poor maid who scrape to buy an overpriced ticket to a concert. JLo, just think about what life would/could be like when no one wants your stupid signature or cares who you are. I remember an old interview with Darius Rucker, in which he said he it never gets old when people call him Hootie (& the Blowfish) but that he fears the day when people don’t call him anything at all. He always welcomes his fans openly. I honestly think that is the best attitude about it.

  • I want to first say that I REALLY dislike Jennifer Lopez.

    That being said, she should have gotten fired. In hotels they have rules about being professional to the guests. The maid broke the rule when she asked for the autograph and knocked on the door. It wasn’t like Jenn was talking to her and she asked. She used her knowledge of who was staying at the hotel and knocked on the door. The manager has to protect celebs privacy. Anyone who has ever worked at a hotel knows this is the drill.

  • I can understand maybe jlo didnt want to bothered . But to get someone fired. Bytch please! You or your tired azz music aint all that! Yo silly azz forgot where u came from.

  • Shut the fuck uo idiot. The story is bogus. Now go back to reading gossip mags idiot.

    A rep for the hotel has also released a statement …saying, “Fact is [the maid] did not at any time have direct or personal contact with Jennifer Lopez.. At no time, either Mrs. Lopez personally, or her staff, or the Hotel, asked for the termination of [the maid’s] contract.”

    The statement continues, “The group was by any account pleased with the hotel and its services and was very pleasant, friendly and courteous.”

    Read more:

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  • Ok. I understand wat is hepening here complaining or nor. Rud or not. Disturbing or not. Wanting to sign the shit or not. But jenifer phoning fo a poor lady to b fired? Crap.

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    • Your wrong but it’s funny ass hell i just read other things and it said that she’semail an nm absolute btch and she was really pushing people’s nerve

  • These people make their fortunes from the people. There is a certain responsibility for that and yet they choose to be rude, tempered self centered brats who do not deserve the respect and fortunes they earn. There is nothing wrong with be decent and humble not to mention having a bit of humanity in their blood and souls. Once they take all your money and make it they feel like they can crap all over you. I have personally worked with a lot of people with money and its very common for most of them to be pure evil and I would never purchase any of their products and will do everything to bring their sins of humanity to the public eye. If they are doing nothing wrong why do they hide it in front of the cameras. Don’t be so nieve! They are rotten pieces of crap who give the 5% of them who do treat people with humanity and respect for their success a bad name.

  • I just stumbled upon this and I find it you funny that you think JLo has time to bitch about a person she was probably never aware of in the first place. As the cleaning lady states herself, two people at the door told her to go away. JLo has a zillion people working for her, it’s very likely that one of them complained without even running it by her.

  • I worked at a restaurant in mammith lakes California. J.lo. sent in her assistants ahead of time to give speak to the manager. Only the manager was allowed to go to get table, and he was nit allowed to make eye contact

  • Jennifer Lopez is one of those stars who got a inferiority complex. She also seems to be uptight with people and only hangs out with certain personalities. I wish she were friendly with Stacey Dash, Angie Harmon and Faith Hill, but instead J-Lo never was close. She needs to be friends with Stacey, Angie and Faith and to ditch Leah Remini and Nicki Minaj. Stacey, Angie and Faith are good women not a ho like J-Lo. At least she is away from scum such as Eva Longoria, Beyonce and Dana Delany.

  • I was in Piru, Calif., for some kind of shoot, and she was very rude and treated children horribly..the young kids said she was a BITCH !

  • well if she is like she is terrible just because she is famous she is no better than anyone at the end of day no one is better than anyone j lo if u r like that remember your no better than anyone I dont care if u r famous r not and the end of the day u came out the same way as everyone else and you will going the same way is as everyone else I dont like people who think they r better than anyone else its probably all your money going to your head well I know that if I was famous that wouldnt change who I am never ever and it doesnt cost anything to be nice but thats only if you r like that but I would need to meet a person to wat they r like I dont go by wat is wrote about them

  • Jenny from the Bronx can kiss the ass of Selena’s father who made her what she is, which is no big shit, otherwise she would still be trying to kiss people’s ass to get a bit of a part.
    To be humble is the true beauty of a person.

  • I have completely stopped buying anything that has the JLo brands. There are so many nice, humble people who had great beginnings and certainly not from the Bronx who are educated and down to earth. You can tell when a person lacks education.

  • Here’s the problem with this bitch as I see it Lopez didn’t even get off her fat ass to answer the door or really be disturbed in anyway at all coz it says her assistant turned her away? I hope karma slaps the shit out of Lopez and her assistant coz it was her assistant that told her what the maid wanted.

  • This maid didn’t even get to see or talk to Lopez she was turned down by whoever answered the door so was she really disturbed at all? What goes around comes around and I hope this Lopez bitch gets hers.

  • Jlo’s astrological sign is a Leo. Know anything about them? Well Most, if not all female Leos I have ever had contact with have been real “WACK” Jobs, Real “nut cases” and guess what Jlo happens to be, a Leo. Surprised? They can be extremely intelligent, yet emotionally unstable. They are control freaks from HELL. Unless they have chosen to bond with you in their own insane way, they will never be a real friend to you no matter how much bs they throw your way. I had one tell me countless times that I was her best friend and that no one else understood her yet she got mad at me because I couldn’t be her little slave 24/7 and she tried to have me evicted from my house. They have hidden mental problems like multiple personalities and every female Leo bitch I ever came in contact with was a mean, hateful, emotionally crippled person. IE “Madonna” Now There’s a real mess for a therapist. They usually end up running with much younger men after multiple failed marriages. “Madonna” again. They wrote the book on Narcissism. if they have children they end up alienating their children because of their insane behavior. I don’t know why it is more apparent in the females, I guess it all adds up to make one CRAZY drink that I now avoid at all cost. Add fame and a whole bunch of money to the mix and you got a real devil on your hands. Lucifer the devil must be a Leo.

  • As a limo driver who strives to make passengers feel respected and given utmost privacy (especially celebrities) I can understand the firing. I’ve found that what impresses celebrities the most is when you act like they’re almost “not even there” while providing them with every comfort and convenience possible. Doing this has helped me garner respect from celebrities to the point of being requested as their driver and even being asked to be in a photo with them! Celebrities asking me for a selfie with them! It’s a great feeling!

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