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Shirley Manson Has This Really Great Story About Jennifer Lopez

A photo of Shirley Manson

I don’t know all that much about Shirley Manson, to be honest. When Garbage was popular, that kind of music just wasn’t my scene, and I haven’t had the chance to see if it’s my scene now. Regardless, I always thought that Shirley herself was a special kind of gorgeous, and this story that she just told, and that I’m about to tell you? It’s just more proof that I need to give this girl a good long look.

Ok, so Shirley was doing this podcast, right? And she was talking about how she got started, and how the media treated her and all that. But then she told this story about how this one time she did a Vanity Fair shoot with Jennifer Lopez:

“I was standing with my back to the main set, and she hadn’t arrived on set yet. And then all of a sudden I felt this kind of… all I can say is that the energy changed and I turned around here was J.lo strutting towards me in all her glory and I was thinking ‘Oh f-ck, here we go. The fly girl is literally going to fight me.’ That’s what she looked like… like she was going to take me down. And she just thrust out her hand and said ‘Shirley’ and I said ‘Yep’ and she went, ‘Jennifer.’ And I said ‘Hi, Jennifer’ and I shook her hand and then, I kid you not, she walked backwards and kept eye contact until I dropped my eyes and looked away. It was so alpha dog and I had to play submissive dog. And I had so much respect for her after that. I was like, ‘Okay. You took me down. I gotta give it to you.'”

Oh my gosh, of course she did. Of course Jennifer Lopez introduced herself to someone like this. What a ridiculous, ridiculous person. And what a great story Shirley told! What a marvelous treat for the afternoon!

Oh, but can someone start working on the Jennifer Lopez: Alpha Dog meme now?

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  • she’s a marvelous wonder, that shirley! would be great to see more of her around here. talk about aging well + she’s always been super no-nonsense. LOVE!!!

  • Jennifer Lopez wishes she had half the cred that Shirley does!! It’s too bad you didn’t much care for Garbage. Shirley is/was one of the best and most distinctive voices of the ’90s. That stupid street stunt that fame-ho Lopez pulled is the kind of thing that way inferior people pull on people they know are for real and 10 times more superior. If I had been Shirley, I would have said,” Why are you staring at me? Do you see a booger?”

  • OMG I love Shirley and I love Garbage then and I love them now! They’re new cd is really good expecially Blood for Poppies! I’m learning that song and damn it I’m going to sing it at karaoke!!

  • JLO, showing her shes no Punk, this all staeted cuz Shirley was talking shit about JLO and said she would punch her in the face, well done JLO

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