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Adrien Brody’s Still Dating That Model/Actress/Blogger/Nobody

photo of adrien brody and lara leito pictures
I don’t mean to say that she’s a nobody, because that’s just not all that nice, but guys, she’s a nobody. And that’s an area that Adrien Brody specializes in when it comes to women, which makes me wonder what’s so wrong with me? See, Adrien has this history of dating completely obscure women, and dating them ’til a semblance of a career starts to take off and then they leave him for what they perceive to be better waters (i.e., Elsa Pataky, who’s now baby-mama and wife to CHRIS HEMSWORTH). Poor, poor Adrien Brody. Always dating women who think it’s OK to stick their hands down your pants in Cannes. Class, class, classy.

Anyway. This is them and they’re still together. And This Girl, Lara Leito, is still taking photos like this one:

photo of lara leito pictures photos
Dunno, Adrien. Maybe you should move on from all of these, you know, conventionally pretty nobodys and onto the average-looking, slightly nerdy nobodys who can spell words like onomatopoeia on their first try, and without having to first sneak a peak at the spell-check. Just an idea, you know?

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  • His type seems to be at least 15 yrs younger than him, conventionally attractive (although the last one had a huge nose ha), unknown, not intellectual at all, and likely to do things like pose semi nude and stick their hands down his pants. Check out the two before this one on He certainly doesn’t seem to choose them for their intellect or their interesting personalities. They are still obscure so I’m not sure the using him for fame theory really holds. I doubt they leave him actually. The last one was at Cannes last yr and according to her (twitter) they were together all the time until the fall, and she didn’t sound happy about not seeing him. I think the obscurity thing may be because he avoids fame seekers and wants girls who are conveniently available to travel around w him unlike women w their own careers. Plus they all seem to be the types who hang out in vip sections looking for rich dudes, and that’s where he hangs out.

    I thought he was a fraud before because he comes across classy, intellectual and high grounded but has such low standards when it comes to women. Now I just think he’s a douche who doesn’t deserve to have such a cool and accomplished mom.

  • Hmm, Elsa Pataky wasn’t exactly a nobody. I mean, she might not have been known in the US, but she had an established name in Spain as an actress/model (and I live in south America).

  • I love Adrien but I agree, he loves whores who love to exploit themselves. he seems to love dragging all that eye candy around. I thing they go with him because they think it can get them somewhere. men are so STUPID!!!