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Here’s The First Photo from That Timberlake-Biel Wedding

photo of justin timberlake and jessica biel high quality pictures cover wedding pic
This is really lovely, isn’t it? For all the shit I talk about Jessica Biel, I’ve never denied that she’s a truly beautiful woman, and she looks just stunning in this picture. But I really, really need to see her dress. It’s pink, and I accept that, but I need to see it all. I’ve got my eye out, friends.

Oh, and Justin Timberlake looks like Justin Timberlake. That’s cool, I guess.

But seriously, about that dress. Can the world get on that, please?

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  • I can’t tell what’s going on in that picture.
    A) he’s trying to pull attention from Jessica with his “look at me!” leap
    B) he’s already trying to escape
    C) he’s ruining a beautiful photo like an ass
    D) he’s ruining the photo just by being Justin Timberlake (see also: c)

    I’m all about getting away from the traditional, but I’m not so sure about the latest batch of fluffy, pink, cotton-candy dresses.

  • The pink bubble gum lampshade ruffles aren’t classy in the slightest. You couldn’t pay me to wear that on my wedding day.

    A pose like that for personal pictures is adorable, but the cover of a magazine??

  • Pink may not be “traditional” but neither is wearing white w/o “deserving” it, a.k.a being a virgin. So I applaud Biel on the pink. Pink is cute. PLus it looks light and fluffy enough to be a wedding gown.

  • Why hasn’t anyone commented that that is really a reminder of the Cruise/Holmes “love” story? Can’t you just see the Oprah couch under him?

    Props to Biel, she looks gorgeous!!

  • My Mom wore pink for her wedding. I love the non-traditional “white” bc the whole “virginal” thing has always been stupid to me. White=/=classy I applaud her.