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Surprise, Chris Brown Is Still A Bad Person!

A photo of Chris Brown

He also got this big ol’ lion tattooed right on his throat last week, right next to his creepy lady tattoo. He tweeted that picture, along with the caption “symbol of Christ and Freedom!” Theory: in his mind, Chris is Jesus and Rihanna is a beaten face. Valid?

Oh, but that thing about Chris being a bad person still. Yeah, that’s true. We can tell because a few days ago he called one of his fans a f-ggot.

From Radar:

On Friday night Los Angeles resident Lucas Peter was at the Arclight movie theater in Hollywood when he spotted Chris and his entourage and approached him to ask for an autograph — but Lucas was taken off guard by Chris’ reaction.

“The movie let out and I saw Chris come out the front door, sort of semi-running. I approached Chris and asked him to sign my CD cover,” Lucas told in an exclusive interview.

“His bodyguard stopped me and said Chris wouldn’t be signing, so I told him Rihanna signs all the time. That’s when Chris stopped in the garage by the parking pay stand and yelled ‘f-ggot’ at me.”

Lucas, who is an openly gay man, admits getting angry at Chris’ ignorance and attacking him back by calling him a “wife beater.”

“I walked over to where Chris was getting in the elevator and called him a wife beater and asked him if he was going to beat Rihanna again,” Lucas said. “Chris said, ‘I beat p-ssy’ and then his bodyguard tried to scare me by saying, ‘And I beat men.'”

According to Lucas, Chris took off with his bodyguard — and one less fan.

You know, I can understand how celebrities could get a little irritated with all the attention and paparazzi and all, but if one single dude wants an autograph, would it really kill you to just give it to him? You just have to say “hey” and scribble on some paper, that’s it, and in doing that, you’ll have made someone’s whole night. Would that really be so taxing?

As for the rest, the name-calling and the “I beat p-ssy” comment, that’s just classic Chris Brown. It’s not disappointing on that level, because it’s just so expected, but it’s disappointing on a bigger level, like on a “oh, great, this is the way the world is sometimes” level.

Chris doesn’t even deserve to have that majestic lion on his throat.

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