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Of Course Taylor Swift Has Songs About The Kennedys on Her New Album

A photo of Taylor Swift

Guys. Guys, just shut up for a minute. Because Taylor Swift released her brand new album yesterday, and she has some serious, serious stuff to say.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but Taylor does this thing with her albums where she puts all the lyrics in the little booklet and then puts in this special secret code. Or, ok, it’s not really a secret code, she just capitalizes certain letters within the lyrics to spell out a little note about each song. These notes are clues to who the song is about. Isn’t that just so clever?

A few of the songs are about John Mayer, obviously, and a few of them are about Jake Gyllenhaal (the clue to the song “All Too Well” is “maple lattes,” as if any of us could forget Swiftenhaal’s love for coffee). But a few of them were about the Kennedys, too. Oh, just wait.

There’s this one song called “Everything Has Changed,” all right? It has lyrics like “all I’ve seen since eighteen hours ago
is green eyes and freckles in your smile” and “your eyes look like coming home.” And the clue? “Hyannis Port.” Where the Kennedys live. No, it really is.

The song right after that one is called “Starlight,” and the clue says it’s “for Ethel,” Ethel of course being the Kennedy family matriarch and the widow of Robert F. Kennedy. The song is all about how “I met Bobby on the boardwalk, summer of ’45.” Just mull that situation over.

The song after that one is the last song on the album, and it’s called “Begin Again.” The clue for the song is “I wear heels now,” and the song references a guy who “didn’t like it when I wore high heels,” so it’s probably about a guy with a complex about a tall girl such as Tay Tay. But the song is all about how she thought love was horrible after a bad relationship (sorry, Jake), but then she met this cool guy who taught her different. The guy in the song, the new guy, throws his head back “laughing like a little kid,” so obviously that’s the tall, graceful high school junior, Conor Kennedy.

That Taylor Swift, she’s really something else, huh?

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  • Oy this girl…at first she was cute, young and talented. Now she is getting creepier and creepier with this high school boy who happens to be a Kennedy buying a house next to them yikes! I just cannot take her anymore gag!! ( I wonder how she is when she is really pissed-off?)

  • She is grade A creep. I mean, I could see writing songs about the Kennedy’s and their relationships if she were married to or engaged to be married to one of them, but she is neither. Ugh, it’s all so blatant, I feel sorry for her.

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