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Quotables: Doug Hutchison Creepily Explains Why He’s Not Creepy

A photo of Doug Hutchison

“The thing is, it’s interesting that anyone would call me a child molester because what I think that does is belittles true child molesters, the ones out there that are really molesting children. We can’t do that. My and Courtney’s marriage is legal, it’s moral and its within the law. I’m not a child molester, so anyone who says that I’m not going to take it to heart. I only care about what my loved ones think about me and no one else. We wake up in each others’ arms in the morning and start our day together. We take care of our puppies. We feed the puppies and let them out. Courtney gets on the computer to tweet and I take care of business on the computer. Then we come together during segments of the day, and then in the evening we have dinner and watch ‘I Love Lucy’ episodes. Within our house, we are extremely normal.”

Doug Hutchison theorizes that he’s not a child molester because child molesters don’t have puppies or watch I Love Lucy with their victims.

And after that quote, Doug said “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” No, really, he actually did say that.

Of course, Doug is right, he isn’t a child molester, he’s an ephebophile, but that doesn’t mean that what he did is “normal.” He married a 16-year-old girl he met online. That’s some To Catch A Predator shit, that’s not normal.

Also, I think it’s really interesting how he says that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him besides his loved ones. In case you weren’t aware, Doug’s entire family disowned him after he married Courtney. His own mother told him that she didn’t want anything to do with him. But for sure, it only matters what his loved ones think of him, which I guess is just Courtney at this point. Solid reasoning.

But hey, look at that picture of Doug up there. Isn’t that just the creepiest? Look into his eyes, for the eyes are the windows into the soul. Those are some shady windows, huh?

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  • What do you think he *actually* meant when he said that calling him a child molester “belittles” real child molesters? Does it mean that it makes the actual crime of child molestation seem like it’s not a big deal? Because on the first read-through I got “calling me a child molester is mean to real child molesters,” which is kind of hilarious.

    • That’s exactly what it means since he used that word “belittle.” Idiot. He probably meant trivialize, or minimize or depreciate the value of the crime.

      He’s one of those people who always uses a word that is similar to what he means but just wrong, and will argue that he’s right, anyway.

  • So it’s ‘different’ for him because he actually has feelings for her as opposed to some creeper who’s just out for her body? Because it seems like a man in his 50’s who is emotionally invested and connected with a child in her teens who clearly has her own emotional instability issues is somehow better? Most adults don’t know how to navigate the complexities of marriage, so how is a teenager able to do any better?

    Just because you marry your victim doesn’t NOT make you a child molester, it just makes you someone who has been given permission to do so by the law.

  • Who cares Courtney co-signed this bs…. she could have pursued any male her age, but she didn’t. It’s on her everyday when she has to be this this old man, it was her choice no one made her do it. I know people are gonna say oh her parents shouldn’t have let her. Who’s to say she wouldn’t run off and done it anyway, cuz teenagers do that. He didn’t get in this alone and I believe she knew what she was doing as well- this was her ticket out. And when this ride is over, she’s find a new ride. She made this bed, and now she has to lie in it…. with him ha! Applying logic to this story, is like arguing with crazy…..

    • SHE WAS A CHILD!!!!!! Fuck it’s as bad as hearing those imbecile MRA’s say that child prostitutes shouldn’t lure poor victimized men to them, it’s their own fault.

      Are men stupid or just don’t give a fuck about anything than bro code and cocks?

  • It is creepy to watch the two. There is no question she was raised in an inappropriately hypersexual home with no sense of identity apart from sexual exploiting behavior. She is not a partner – she is a child and acts like one. He appears very pathetic because he is essentially dependent on a child.

  • Hey there internet people,Doug here. Courtney’s starting to look a bit old, so I’ll be looking for girls between 12-15 to date, and who knows, maybe you could be lucky child bride number 2 ; )

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