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Miley Cyrus is Scurrd Pantsless

photo of miley cyrus nudes pictures no pants pic halloween photos
No, I have no idea why Miley Cyrus doesn’t have any pants on, either, guys. Or shoes. But if we can speak honestly (and if we can’t speak honestly among friends then what, I ask you, can we do?), this look is loads better than the last time we talked about Miley, back when she was on the ‘Tonight Show’, and that’s not saying a whole lot. Or it is. I don’t know.

I guess this is just the Miley we get for 2012 and probably for 2013, too. Can we deal with it? I don’t know. She’s turned out much, much differently (?) than I think anyone originally thought she would, and it’s both good and bad, depending on how you look at it.


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