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9Today in What the Hell is Kanye West Making Kim Kardashian Wear, Also Kim Kardashian Might be Pregnant

photo of kim kardashian pictures
Oh my God, guys. Talk about the ugliest, most unflattering outfit to ever come out of a Kardashian’s closet (that’s an achievement right there). This is what Kim Kardashian wore to lunch with Kanye West this past weekend. Where Kanye wore Those Leather Pants. Again.

In related bloat news, Kim Kardashian might be pregnant. Word. Pregnant. From Kim’s Twitter account, this photo:

photo of kim kardashian baby ring pictures
This was the photo’s caption:

“Has anyone tried the baby ring trick? Kourtney’s is accurate!!!”

So is that Kim’s way of saying that she’s carrying the spawn of Kanye (or, at least, the spawn of some guy)? God only knows. And maybe Kris Jenner.

The baby ring game, if you’re unaware of how it works, is a game wherein a presumably pregnant woman tries to predict the sex of her child using a ring. You take a ring (generally a wedding ring) and put a necklace or string through it, and then you dangle it over the mom-to-be’s belly. If the ring swings back and forth, like a … well, a swing, the baby’s gender is alleged to be male. If the ring swings in a circular fashion, the gender, female. There’s obviously lots of variations on this, but you guys are smart. You get the general idea.

So is Kim pregnant? And does she already know the sex of her baby, since Kourtney‘s ring “is accurate”? And is that picture up top suitable maternity wear if, indeed, she is carrying a fetus for the long haul?

October 15, 2012 at 7:30 am by Sarah
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9 Responses to “Today in What the Hell is Kanye West Making Kim Kardashian Wear, Also Kim Kardashian Might be Pregnant”

  1. Mercy says:

    The most horrifying thing about that outfit is that she actually has pretty awesome tits, but that top makes them look saggy as hell. Ugh. Why.

  2. Kat says:

    The ring thing is over the hand and it swings and does circles to se how many babies you Will get. So i guess it showed right for kourtney. Nothing about her having a baby.

  3. ltc says:

    This is actually the most flattering picture of her in this outfit, too. I saw some on some other sites and they were terrible!! (especially the ones from behind. hoboy!)

  4. J-Kitt says:

    Kanye always seems to be one of the undead in these pictures, stumbling around with his mouth open.

  5. puddin says:

    Nice Wonder Woman belt.

  6. Rubyredress says:

    Too trashy! Peekaboo top to show off her newest boob job.

  7. Maggie says:

    That’s a see-through skirt. Trust me, you don’t wanna see her from behind.

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