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Things Are Looking Up for Lindsay!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Guys, it’s our girl! It’s Lindsay! She might have had a few bumps in the road these past few weeks – domestic violence, a possible assault, a hospital visit brought on by stress from being arrested for hitting someone with her car – but things are finally starting to work themselves out. She’s got a couple of movies in the works, and just next month we’ll get to see her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime feature, Liz & Dick.

She’s also been invited back to the Chateau Marmont after being banned for not paying her bill:

The actress reached out to hotel magnate Andre Balazs — owner of the Chateau along with a slew of other properties — in hopes to reclaim her stomping grounds.

We’re told LiLo and Andre have been friends for years and she made it clear that the whole ordeal was a giant misunderstanding. Lilo offered to pay off the debt (which we’re told she did) if Andre could have a chat with the Chateau staff.

Our sources tell us, Andre informed LiLo he had no idea she had been blacklisted and promised to remedy the situation ASAP.

And she’s also doing an interview with Barbara Walters!

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she has been close to Walters for years and that Barbara reached out to her about doing an interview when it was announced she’d playing Liz Taylor in the upcoming “Liz & Dick” biopic.

We’re told LiLo has been hesitant about sit-down interviews because she fears being asked questions she’s not prepared for. But our sources say Lindsay trusts Barbara not to take things too far.

According to our sources, Lindsay and Barbara will sit down sometime in the next few weeks. We’re told the interview will focus on the parallels between the lives of Lindsay and Liz Taylor — things like child stardom, a rough childhood, living life in the public, and also dealing with addiction.

Our sources say the plan is for the interview to air next month to coincide with the premiere of “Liz & Dick.”

Hooray! Lindsay’s back!

[Optimism break: are they honestly still trying to push the “Lindsay and Liz are so very similar!” thing? Because I’m getting pretty sick of hearing about it, especially because every single person who has ever heard the comparison has immediately called bullshit. I think it’s more than a little insulting to Elizabeth Taylor’s memory, but hey, we always love a Lindsay Lohan interview, so we’ll just make some meth-sprinkled lemonade, won’t we?]

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  • It’s frustrating that she’ll only do softball Matt Lauer-type interviews. I wish that the media would stop heralding her “comeback” as though it’s some big deal. It is a LIFETIME MOVIE. Not a blockbuster. It’s a job, ok? Just a job. And in spite of that, there will never be a bona-fide comeback, because this woman is an unreliable, uninsurable train wreck.

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