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BREAKING: Lindsay Lohan Arrested After Hitting Someone with Her Car

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident this morning after allegedly clipping a pedestrian in downtown Manhattan … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Lindsay was pulling in to park her Porsche Cayenne near the Dream Hotel in downtown NYC when — at a very low speed — she allegedly hit the knee of a 30-something year old guy. That was around 2AM ET.

We’re told one of Lindsay’s passengers in the SUV got out and checked the car for damage … and then LiLo and co. went inside the hotel.

We’re told someone called police while Lindsay was inside … and when she walked out of the hotel — around 2:30AM ET — officers arrested her.

According to our sources … Lindsay was booked for leaving the scene of an accident — a misdemeanor — and then released with a desk appearance ticket … meaning she did not have to pay bail before release.

We’re told alcohol was not involved.

We’re told the alleged victim was actually hospitalized … however, he was not knocked down or dragged … and didn’t have any visible injuries.

This arrest could absolutely trigger a probation violation in Lindsay’s jewelry theft case because one of the conditions of probation is she OBEY ALL LAWS.

Even without a conviction, Judge Stephanie Sautner — the judge in the jewelry theft case — could haul Lindsay’s butt into court if there’s probable cause to believe she committed a crime.

Girl. Girl. If you see that you hit someone with your car, even if you just tapped them a little, it’s always, always, always important to check on the person before you check on your car. And if you’re on probation and could (theoretically, at least) go back to jail if you fail to follow the law, then it’s important to make sure that you don’t break any laws, especially ones that you know you’re breaking. And I know that you don’t agree, but all these problems that Amanda Bynes is having right now? That doesn’t have anything to do with you. This isn’t a competition.

Did I miss anything?

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  • Oh my goodness. What a mess.

    Also, my (horrible) father totally hit my mother with his car a couple of years ago. With the door of his car, anyway. Even minor injuries from being hit by any part of a car (though I am guessing that Lohan’s thing was unintentional) with an emergency room visit can be problematic. And leaving the scene is just stupid.

    But I’m super worried that Lindsay had *passengers.* What sort of person goes “Hey, which one of us should drive — oh, I know, LINDSAY LOHAN.” You know the episode of South Park where the old people keep hitting people with their cars on the way to Country Kitchen because they’re all so bad at driving? Why would anyone endanger themselves like that? Or allow so many pedestrians to be endangered?

    And why doesn’t Lindsay just hire a car service? Because seriously, she’s just taking stupid risks with her safety and with her freedom.

    • HAAHAH! That’s so awesome how she was just recently saying New York was better for Lindsay! xD Shut up Dina, haven’t you noticed you are the voice of Impending Doom?

  • If this woman has to worry about the Forbes list and how much taxes she has to pay then she has enough money to hire a driver. She is a bad driver and keeps hitting people and other cars and they keep letting her drive. New York, keep her, we here in California paid our Lindsay Lohan dues. Even if by a small chance she was set up, as she is now claiming, use what little brains you have and check out the person you hit(if you were going so slow, you know you clipped someone unless your eyes were closed) and you call the police. You’ve lied so many times why should anyone believe a word out of your mouth.

  • Whoever the dude is that got hit is a straight up wuss for acting hurt! As far as the law side, if she was a normal everyday citizen, the judge wouldn’t make this a big deal a possibly dismiss it, due to it was just her pulling in to park which probably makes it dudes fault BUT since she is so high profile, I’m sure the judge isn’t going to want to look soft and go by the book. NOW if there should be an arrest, how bout’ locking up her fuckin MOM for Public Drunkenness for that shit she pulled on Dr. Phil!!! Bitch had ME feeling embarrassed and I was at home by myself!!!!

      • C’mon, she was pullin’ into a parking spot. First, dude is a total dumbass for not stopping and second, how hurt can you get bein hit by a car goin 4-5 mph? C’mon now, be real or are you sayin that bcuz it was you?