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Lindsay Lohan Is “In A Bad Place” And It’s All Our Fault

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Don’t you just love it when bitches screw up their whole life, and then they look at you and go “why did you let me do that?” Sometimes it’s like “ha ha, I’m so dumb, LOL,” and it’s all good, but sometimes they’re really serious, like “no really, you actually ruined my life.” I didn’t give you gonorrhea, girl. I didn’t shove that fistful of Adderall in your mouth. Take a look at your own self.

But see, that’s what Lindsay Lohan does constantly. She blames everyone else for her problems, she makes things that happen to other people all about her, just so she can play the victim all the time. And a lot of times, she gets other people in her life to do the same thing, to do the “poor Lindsay, you guys are all so mean to her” routine. And it gets old fast.

For instance, here’s this interview that one of her friends just gave:

Lindsay Lohan has clearly had a tumultuous past few months.

And while the Mean Girls starlet continues to direct the blame elsewhere, pal Claus Hjelmbak, who was present the night Lohan alleges she was assaulted at the W Hotel, tells E! News that “she’s not in a good place.”

“But it’s not because of health issues,” he clarified. “She’s not in a good place, because people around her keep throwing her under the bus.”

According to Hjelmbak, Christian LaBella, who Lohan accused of assault (he was released from police custody, charges were dropped and police say no crime was committed), didn’t know Hjelmbak or Lohan before that night. So how’d he become part of their group? “Lindsay is a sweet girl and is very open and nice when people come over and talk,” he explained. “In this case, she thought it was somebody her friends know.”

Hjelmbak says everything was normal until Lohan noticed LaBella had been taking photos of her on his cell phone. “She was visibly shaken already at that point,” he explained. “She was shocked. At that moment, you feel betrayed when you are in a private space and you realize someone has documented the entire night on the phone.”

After that was when the alleged altercation happened. Hjelmbak said there were no drugs involved, and he was unsure if Lohan had even had “a drink or two.”

So what does Lohan’s pal think we should do to help get the 26-year-old actress back to a good place? “Look at her art,” he said. “And stop focusing so much on her private life. That would be a big help to her getting back to a really good place.”

Yeah, guys, LOOK AT HER ART. I mean, she hasn’t released anything but busted photo shoots since 2010 because she was too busy stealing jewelry and chillin’ in courtrooms, and it’ll still be a little while before her awesome Lifetime movie airs, but look at her art. Look back at Herbie Fully Loaded. Look back at I Know Who Killed Me. Look back at that one movie where she did a pretty ok job but was really awesome because of the writing and all the supporting characters, Mean Girls. Then maybe she wouldn’t have to smoke so much meth. God.

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  • If she feels people keep throwing her under the bus then, woman, step away from the bus. Art, that seems like a highly exaggerated use of the word when describing her so called work.

  • You know what Drew Barrymore did when she was fucked up with drugs and the party scene. She went away, she worked at Starbucks, she took small roles to gain Hollywoods trust again. She built her career from the bottom to the top, BY WORKING.

    She didn’t do one busted SNL spot and expect to be back to A list. She didn’t do one (she did several) lifetime movies and act like they were Academy Award worthy.

    She STOPPED DRINKING and partying, things you can’t even begin to understand. We don’t look at your art becuase you are not an artist. You are just an entitled brat who’s ego far outways any talent you might of had as a child and vanished as an adult actor. You are empty and boring, you are just vapid.

  • “Thrown under the bus”? Wow, haven’t heard that phrase in a while (a while being 5 minutes). Nobody’s throwing Lohan under the bus — she’s been stepping in front of it time after time, and for quite a while now.

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