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Kristen Stewart Is Still Texting Rupert Sanders

A photo of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

From Hollywood Life:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may have reconciled, but the Twilight actress is reportedly still texting Rupert Sanders on the side.

Rob and Kristen are taking their reconciliation slowly, as Rob is allegedly nervous that he still can’t trust Kristen.

“Rob has agreed to give it another go. He’s still very cautious, and he and Kristen have signed on for couple’s therapy. They’re both really hoping that this will all end with happily ever after,” an insider tells OK! magazine.

“Kristen has given Rob passwords to her voicemail and e-mail account to prove she has nothing to hide and will do anything to get his trust back,” a report from Radar Online says.

Ironically, Kristen, 22, did not provide access to her text messages. And let’s not forget that text messages can be erased.

“Kristen is saying all the right things to Rob, but she’s not being totally honest with him. Rob made her promise to stop talking to Rupert, and she’s broken that promise already. Kristen justifies it because, technically, she’s not actually talking to him, so she feels like she’s still keeping her word,” the source adds.

Kristen and Rupert spent a lot of time together on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman. Beyond their affair, a friendship likely formed.

“Kristen swears she’s only keeping in touch with Rupert because she feels sorry for him. His wife, Liberty Ross, has totally turned her back on him, and Kristen feels somewhat responsible for that. She doesn’t want to hurt Rob, but she doesn’t see the harm in exchanging text messages with Rupert so that he doesn’t feel so abandoned.”

I could type “whatever” until my fingers bleed (would that be possible, typing so much your fingers bleed?), and I would still not be able to convey all the “whatever” I want to give this. I’m like “whatever” because I feel tricked and I’ll probably never know what’s really been going on with this situation, I’m like “whatever” because I feel totally lame for even being interested in what’s really going on, but mostly, I’m like “whatever” from the idea of Kristen Stewart texting Rupert Sanders because “it’s ok, I’m not talking to him.” I hate it when bitches get literal like that. So, so much.

Other than that, I don’t even know about this story. What do you guys think?

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  • OK has Provence over andovrr again to be extremely unreliable. They’ll say anything to sell an issue.

  • if thats true Rob should move on she is not worthy of his love.she should go back to Rupert .it doesnt matter he is married. she didnt care anyway

  • I wonder what she’s saying to Rupert. What is left to say? How does his wife feel about this?

    Oh wait, these people are all insane. Well, not THAT insane. Wanting money isn’t all that crazy, but man oh man, I wonder how strange they all feel for doing this. I don’t think Kristen and Rob were ever a real couple. Do you guys not remember how badly everyone wanted them to be together after the first Twilight movie? And how much more press they got when they went public with their “relationship”? And how obsessed everyone became with them? Making these two pretend to be in love was probably the smartest thing they agreed to do.

    As for the Rupert situation; his wife is now booking runway shows again for the first time in years. And people are STILL talking about all 4 of them constantly while we wait to see if her and Rob will actually stay together. Stories like this just keep up the questions “will they or wont they” “is she lying or is she sorry?”

    When the dust settles and Rob leaves her for a second time after realizing the relationship is “beyond repair” (it’s the plan!) All four of them will have made a fortune just from this fake fiasco. There is no such thing as bad press. It’s the oldest trick in hollywood. It’s why Jessica Simpson got obese. It’s why Beyonce faked a pregnancy. It’s all for MONEY. Hollywood is as fake as the crappy movies that come from it.

    Can I be a writer here?