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Britney Spears Doesn’t Have Her Own Phone, Can’t Use the Internet without A Supervisor

A photo of Britney Spears

Ok, so how sick is Britney Spears? For real, let’s talk about this. She’s getting married, and she’s currently a judge on one of the biggest reality shows in the country. She’s doing big interviews, she’s spending time with her kids. But at the same time, “her cell phone and internet use is restricted and heavily monitored.” What’s that about?

But really, that’s what this story is about. Britney shares a phone with her fiancé, and it’s “routinely checked to see who has been calling.” Certain sites are blocked on her computer so she can’t see any “negative stories” that might upset her (I’m guessing gossip blogs and the like, but they could have every dark and scary corner of the internet blocked too, you never can tell). A lot of these restrictions have been set up so that the ultimate shademeister in Britney’s life, Sam Lufti, can’t contact her.

I don’t know, I just think that Britney should be a woman capable of making her own choices and taking control of her own life or she should just not. I don’t understand how she’s able to get married and work if she’s not allowed to have her own cell phone. It feels weird and creepy and exploitative. She shouldn’t be able to make money for everyone if she’s too ill to look at the internet. Is that fair to say?

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  • I think the issue isn’t so much that the restrictions are in place to keep creeper Lufti away as it is to keep her not totally bat shit crazy but not well either. Wouldn’t the more suitable method of healing be teaching her coping strategies to be able to deal with the real world & handle criticism? If she’s “cured” then those around her don’t make as much money. If she has another date with a shaving razor & back of an ambulance she’s unable to work & thus those around her don’t make as much money. All she is & ever will be to anyone in her life (family, friends & hanger-ons) is a cash cow. Sad.

  • I don’t follow her show, just watch a clip or two of it on youtube and honestly I’m always really surprised how coherent and put together she seems. Reading all those stories about Brit makes you think she’d be bat-crap crazy, but she isn’t.
    About restricting her phone and internet use: As someone who has gone through some stuff in life myself I can tell that that sounds worse than it is. Nowadays it seems that internet is like a fundamental right but when you’re set on getting better it also can be a hell of a distraction. When you can’t take care of yourself you’re thankful for the people who help you. Not owning a phone of your own is a small price to pay for that, I think.

  • I think she’s severely bipolar. I’ve got a cousin who’s in the same boat and I have to tell you, sometimes she has to be strongly managed to get her to stay focused and not fall off the wagon and whatnot. I think everyone needs to think of her as a girl with a disability who needs some assistance every now and again.

  • She’s severely bipolar, her family knows it, and is abusing the crap out of her over it.
    She needs to be in calm and quiet places away from stress and drama but she can’t do that because she’s constantly paying everyone else’s bills.
    If she said she was going to quit touring forever and move back home I bet her family would lose their collective, leeching minds.
    She needs to drop Jason and her “family” (except for those boys) and head out of the entertainment lifestyle for good.

    • Agreed. It’s like we’re watching her being held prisoner right before our eyes and no one says or does anything to help. Her parents whored her out to Disney when she was a child, and who knows what sick things happened on that show behind the scenes. I know people in the industry who have told me some horrific things about her parents.

  • Honestly, I have someone in my family who is manic bi-polar and has boderline personality disorder. One second they are fine and normal and coherent, then the next something “triggers” them and they go off the deep end. It takes literally hours to days to get them back on track. Until you have to deal with it you have no idea how bad things like that can get. I am sure Britney is doing great now, she seems to be more stable in interviews and such. But if her family/friends and even the court (who has ordered the guardianship) believe that she can’t handle seeing negative press online or having certain people call, then she probably can’t. It takes one small thing to set people off. People with personality disorders grasp onto one detail or one thing said and they cannot let go and have dramatic meltdowns that are dangers not only to themselves but to the people around them. You do wish that someone would be able to take care of themselves, but sometimes people need the help.

  • Celebrities admit to bipolar disorder, or a borderline personality issue, but never schizophrenia. I really wonder if she is being treated for the correct illness. My sister has severe bipolar disorder and she manages beautifully with medication and talk therapy. Many, many people manage to lead productive and healthy lives while still suffering with manic-depressive swings, but very few can do so with schizophrenia. IANaD however, so it’s just my layperson observation.

    • Let me get this straight. You use websites as a place to attack and belittle total strangers, and say that that’s what websites are FOR and that sensitive people shouldn’t use them. You invent personality traits and personal histories for your victims that they don’t even have, just to tear them down and accuse them of being unstable when they naturally get upset by what you said. Projecting all of your neuroses onto them so you can try to embarrass them. I don’t even know why.
      And now you say your sister has emotional issues that require regular counselling and drugs. Yet it’s okay for you to attack strangers for your amusement. You really are one of the worst, most soulless people I’ve ever encountered online.
      And just to help you with your made up profile of me:
      Yes, because I believe looks don’t matter, that means I’m ugly. Also because I feel strongly for gay rights, that means I’m gay. And because I feel strongly about animals and birds and their safety, that makes me every species of animal and bird. I’m also every race and colour on the planet. And even though I don’t need a PAID job, I must be living in a cardboard box.

      • God! Have YOU missed some of your meds?!?! Nobody has had to “invent” personality traits and histories for Britney. When someone walks down the street with a very used tampon dangling out of them, impulsively shaves their head, locks themselves and the two little terrified babies in a bathroom and babbles incoherently to the point the cops have to drag you out and belt your looney ass to a gurney, etc., etc., I really don’t think you need a degree in psychology to say that such a person is BATSH*T CRAZY!!!! Crabsnap is not inventing anything. Why don’t you vent on the judge who ruled her incapable of handling her own affairs? Another judge ruled to extend the conservatorship not so long ago. Are both those guys “souless”, too? Plus, being the b*tch that I am, when you endanger your children, you make yourself fair game for any crap that gets hurled at you, in my opinion.

  • Oh come’on. Britney is already recover. She’s all good now. Treat her as a sick person then she will always be a sick person. They should give more trust to Britney. She has freedom to do whatever she like..

  • Penny–I may belong in a padded cell, but I’m not wrong about one single fact I posted about Britney. YOU are one of those tools who shuts their eyes real tight and covers their ears, jumps up and down and yells,”Blah, blah, I can’t hear you!” if someone dares to have another opinion or calls you out on your crap…Great job, champ!

  • @Blasted, comment was written to Crabapple. If your reading comprehension was half as strong as your ability to be broadly offended by topics you clearly do not understand, you might have noticed that Snapple’s statement was referring to another instance in which she attempt to seem well adjusted and failed miserably.

    I would hate for your trolling to go unnoticed or unappreciated, so I will acknowledge you can now be included in my statement. Your Internet use should be monitored as well. Are you happy now? I see your 3rd grade mimicry (of champ), and raise you a ‘nice try, kiddo’. Please read ALL the sentences in the posted comments before responding, even if the post is SUPER DUPER long.

  • I’m with Penny R. on this one. Anthony Michael Hall has severe episodes of bipolar disorder and they’ve never yanked his phones. One of two things is happening here:
    Either Britney is really schizophrenic and the family is hiding it for money which is criminal and cruel or she’s a functional bipolar person and she’s being “kept in line” with illegal and legal drugs while cashing her checks.
    If Britney is either way she needs a rest she should be allowed to get one. She needs to walk away from the industry with her kids and settle down; and leave that trashy-assed family and Jason on the curb when she does it.

  • Grace is reading my mind. As I stated before, my sister manages perfectly well with this disorder. She keeps on top of her medications and has full mental ability and control over her actions, even in a down swing.

    You hit the nail on the head that either a different disorder is being inappropriately treated or her medications (legal or otherwise) may be being abused.

  • I really don’t see much negative press online about her to be honest. I think her owners are trying to keep her away from the MK ultra illuminati rumors… probably because they’re true. It’s so sick the way her parents have been leaching off her since she was a child. They’re not letting her leave the business and it’s slowly killing her. In order for this woman to get healthy she needs to be taken away from these sick people.

  • Hi everybody, I think all her fans should create some kind of “Free Britney” – page, help her out of this crazy situation. It can’t be right that she is this “supervised”. Everyone can see that she is sad. Imaging yourself if your father took over all your belongings and decided everything for you, when and where you should work and perform, what you can buy, what you can wear, control your phone and internet!? She is not in prison (but she is) and she’s not a criminal and should’nt be treated as a terrorist in custody.

    And why is she going to marry a man who has all control over her.
    That’s not ok. That’s not alright.

    Her father wouldn’t control her like this if it wasn’t for her money.
    It’s all about the money. That is sad and scary at the same time.
    It must be like a nightmare for her, a living nightmare. The whole world can see her but nobody seem to realize how it is. She did try to tell and communicate the horror of the control she’s under – in a MTV interview – remember? That interview, they tried to stop , the people around her – her father tried to stop it. Did he succeed to do that? Can one find it on you tube now? No?

    I saw it when it was released, she couldnt hold her tears back then and she was frighten, worried about her children ans so on, revealing how hard her father controlled her, forced her to train hard and given her a hard time. She said he controlled everything, her money, phone everything and that she was locked in.

    How can that be legal!? I wonder if he payed the judge, or payes, bribe, somebody influental to get away with this?

    Britney is a capable adult for heaven sake!? Look at yourself and imaging that you had to grew up in the spotlight. All the mistake and the imature expressions should be in magazines and discussed by the press. She didn’t have any privacy, she didn’t have the chance to make her own mistake in privacy, without having the world watching.

    But now she’s a grown-up woman, a mother of two, and I never ever heard about anything like this; that a father can be in control over his grown-up daughter like this. Use her money and live by her asstets and hard work. She didn’t hired him. He “hired” himself to control her money and be in charge of everything this way. She doesn’t want that. Her life is totally highjacked!

    Why doesnt she try to free herself…because her father threaten her that she can lose her children the forever. I don’t know but one start to wonder really if he has some strange contacts in the court or among the doctors – because otherwise this wouldn’t be possible in 2012.

    WHY doesn’t people react!? If people came together and try to help her, put pressure on the police to investigate what this strange situation is all about actually.

    Help her!

    Her father should be investigated. Investigated for fraud. She need to be free from the people that control her and that’s using her money. They are eating her up, even that scary boufriend/manager.

    This is like a nightmare. Its like she’s in prison. She use to be so happy and playful and no she act like a robot and everybody can see that she’s not herself in interviews. I am thinking of one special interview that was really strange, and made me wonder how she is treated when the public are not wathing.

    I hope her supporters can come together and do something for her and putting preasure on this case. Eighter from her fanpage or independently by starting a petition for her on Facebook or on

  • ps Bipolar is the trend among doctors, I don’t think she has that problem I think she had a lot of concrete reason to be depressed when she was. That’s not mystical and without reason, and that’s NOT bipolar.
    If you are depressed and play around with drugs and you take them regualy and for a quite long period, you can get all those symptoms, be manic and have ups and downs (that normal people has too) – so she just needed to sort out things, she needed support and love – but she didn’t know who to trust because everybody she met could have been after her money or her fame. Normal people, people who live normal life can’t imaging how it is to walk in her shoes. But she is sound an healthy and has always been – but she went through a really tuff time with divorced and many other strenuous time.

    here is that interview I mentioned above, where she is so extremely controlled by her control freak manager or father standing in the background. The journalist ask about that finally, if she feels overprotected by the peple around her – but of course she has to say no…but the journalist had to sign a contract before the interview that he could only ask questions that he had to send them in advance and follow strict rules around the interview that felt uncommon and a littlebit strange for this experienced entertainment journalist:

  • Judge Goetz is the name of the person who is only person that can end Britney’s conservatorship.

    Who are the doctors mentioned in the article below, Can they have a personal interest and gain to keep Britney in conservartorship? Why can’t she get a second opinion from another team.

    Please people, it’s not just me who have this thoughts. I just found exactly my words on a link with the judge name when I googled on the name:

    copied from the link:

    Is BRITNEY SPEARS a victim of exploitation by parents looking for big bucks? Was her meltdown the result of years of abuse and exploitation by those who now hold her in a conservatorship against her will for profit?

    It is well known that Gary Coleman’s parents exploited the child actor and left him with nothing.

    Did Jamie Spears have a job when he filed for conservatorship of his wealthy daughter? Lynn Spears wrote a tell-all book about Britney which became a best seller and made the mother plenty of money.

    Is the Britney Spears’ conservatorship a scam? Who’s making money from this continuing conservatorship? How can we know, if Judge Reva Goetz has allegedly sealed the documents in this case. What is really being hidden?

    Here is a report from the The Hollywood Gossip dated December 23, 2009:

    “Los Angeles courtroom Commissioner Reva Goetz ordered the co-conservatorship of Britney Spears to continue, with her father, Jamie Spears, in control of her life.

    Jamie will get $16,000 a month for his duties as conservator of Brit. Not a bad deal, but he does make her personal, financial and medical decisions 24/7/365.

    In short, he works hard for the money.

    Goetz also ordered the co-conservator of Britney, aptly-named lawyer Andrew Wallet, to be paid $174,569.10 forservices rendered from July-November 2009.

    The judge didn’t specify how long the conservatorship will remain in place, but lawyers involved expect it to last somewhere between six months and a year.”

    Sources close to the pop star say that Britney wants out of this conservatorship, she wants her rights restored, she has never had a good relationship with her father because he is allegedly an abusive drinker.

    It is reported in the April 2, 2009 issue of Rolling Stone magazine that Britney Spears’ conservator/father has threatened Ms. Spears with taking her children away from her if she attempts to end the conservatorship.

    According to the court’s Handbook for Conservators, as the conservatee, Ms. Spears has the right to go into court and ask for an end to this conservatorship.

    However, Britney Spears’ civil rights are being violated when it is alleged that since 2008, her conservator/father has forbidden her from appearing in court. When Ms. Spears retained a lawyer to help her put an end to this conservatorship the court allegedly ruled that Ms. Spears has no right to retain a lawyer while she is under a conservatorship.

    According to an article published by on April 28, 2009 Judge Aviva K. Bobb placed a restraining order on Attorney Jon Eardley to keep him away from Ms. Spears.

    Judge Bobb removed herself from the probate bench and pretended to “retire” the following month after allegations of corruption.

    What type of work did Jamie Spears do prior to filing for conservatorship of his wealthy, high earning daughter? What was his earning potential? How would Mr. Spears make money if this conservatorship ended?

    Judge Aviva K. Bobb removed herself from the probate bench and pretended to “retire” after allegations of corruption.

    Is Judge Reva Goetz running a scam conservatorship?

    How do we know if Judge Goetz has sealed the documents

  • Wow she just needs to get away from all the BS and dye her hair. Maybe move to a non english speaking country where this kind of stuff is impossible because no one in it is being over prescribed BS until maybe someone can sort through all the BS and figure out whats is really going on.

  • Shes the newPaula. …..doped up. Funny how shesays Whitney was her idol………..hope boys don’t end up like danilynn:'(

  • I’m divided on this one. I think her parents either saved her life and really hellped her to get better or she is being controlled and behind closed doors things aren’t so great. I don’t think she is a shadow of her old self before the break down and after having her meltdown, has never fully recuperated. Are her parents taking advantage of her or do they have her best interest at heart? As a mom I realize the answer is easy. I’m sure they love Britney but what intentions or personal agendas each person has, when there are millions involved everything changes. I