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Here’s Some Poor Man Debating Gay Rights with Victoria Jackson

Here’s a tip though: if you don’t want to feel emotions somewhere on the scale between frustrated and furious, then maybe don’t watch this video right now. Maybe save it for a day when you’re mad or upset anyway, that way you can watch this and then go punch a wall or leave a scathing comment on YouTube or eat some ice cream, however you deal with your feelings. Sound good?

But if you don’t want to watch it, or can’t watch it, or if you just want a quick recap, here’s a rundown of the points Victoria Jackson makes to defend her views on gay rights (which, at this point, should be pretty obvious):

– Gay people do have rights, so what’s to fight for?

– Homosexuality is a choice, because “there’s no gene that’s been discovered yet, scientifically, for gayness.”  That means that heterosexuality is also a choice.

– Gay people are weird because their identities are in their sex lives.

– “Gays and lesbians have the same rights as everyone else.”

– You can be fired for being gay, but you can also be fired for being a Christian.  So stop.

– It may be hurtful for people to tell gays that they’re wrong and don’t deserve rights, but it’s also hurtful for people to tell people like Victoria Jackson that they “have hate speech.”

Overall, I’m glad that Victoria Jackson was polite, or at least as polite as one can be when telling someone that their feelings, beliefs, and fight for equality is wrong. She wasn’t cruel or hateful, just ignorant. Like, she got totally schooled by the guy in this video, and also she had a flag sticking out of her hair. She’s not mean, she’s not rude, she just needs to go home and hush.

But that guy who made the guest appearance in the middle of the video? He can go home, hush, and hopefully his gay mom will be there with Kate Gosselin’s wooden spoon. Fingers crossed!

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  • Homosexuality is definitely a choice. Everything in life is a choice. It doesn’t mean you can set the black and white space, though.

  • This is so weird. I’ve never come across people like that before. The closest we have to it is the Jehovah’s Witnesses handing out flyers by the tube ever morning (I live in a VERY Jewish neighbourhood) and they don’t dare speak to us, which I guess would be more fun.

  • Why are the cute ones always gay…? *sigh*
    She is definitely ignorant though. No one wakes up one day and goes “Hm, today I shall be straight!”