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Quotables: Did You Know SNL’s Victoria Jackson is a Bigot?

“Did you see Glee this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians — again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of Glee — what’s your agenda? One-way tolerance?”

– Former Saturday Night Live cast member and current Christian crusader Victoria Jackson, in her World Net Daily piece about Glee‘s big gay make out episode.

My gay husband and I were talking about this earlier today: Don’t you hate it when you love a celebrity and then find out that they’re some sort of crazy conservative? Not just a regular conservative, but like, the really extreme kind? That happened to us last year with Dixie Carter and we were straight-up devastated.

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  • well she has a point about the Christian thing…I know nothing about this lady but it is true that hollywood loves to slam Christians. But anytime they put down or make fun of any group or organization/religion/faith, then everyone freaks out. Give her a break.

  • wow Molls, way to put down someone for putting down the gays…call her out on it, but name calling just makes you look uneducated and just as foolish

  • the most devastating thing about this is how people can apparently not agree with the poster of this article (Molls?). Apparently the crazy liberals are fine (aka most of hollywood).

  • Used to be, we would value entertainers for their body of work – not for their personal lives and beliefs. Too much exposure, and too much information these days.
    I may not agree with what someone says, but will defend the right to say it. That goes both ways – conservative and liberal.

  • Glee has gay characters on it. If you don’t want to see that, don’t watch the show. I don’t see how having gay people on a show is “shoving the gay thing down our throats” any more than Ms. Jackson’s actions are shoving her views down other people’s throats. She doesn’t have to look at gay people and people who disagree with her can ignore her songs, videos, etc. There. Everyone is happy.

  • Victoria Jackson&Molls forget there are also Xtian gays. Welcome to the real world, hypocrites&dumbasses!

  • Yeah, that’s not really how I interpreted what Victoria said…. I think she’s saying that it’s kind of lame to press for tolerance for one group of people, only to turn around and bash another. Glee does have a history of slamming the religious.

    So really, this is just another case of Molls being a moron.

  • Glee has been very focused on gay issues as of late. Originally, Kurt’s coming out of the closet and the after-effects were a part of the show, but not the focus. However, as of late, the show seems to be prominently featuring gay rights, relationships, and issues. While I don’t see anything wrong with this, I can see the logic behind the “down our throats” comment. It could have been worded better, but I certainly wouldn’t immediately leap to accusing anyone of bigotry. It’s just lame that Glee will try so hard to promote tolerance and acceptance for gay rights and individuals, but will so quickly mock and belittle religion. The double standard is offensive and kind of undermines the point of vying for acceptance.

  • Well, the majority of you are idiots because Molls wasn’t even making an argument…she was lamenting the loss of a beloved SNL cast member who hid her crazy so well from us.

    I just laugh every time anyone uses the word “agenda”. Yes. We have a little bunker we meet in and then we spread the gay-germ around the world via TV, designer clothing, iPods, your mom, and bee stings.

    Also I hate the word “tolerance” when used in the same context as people’s sexual orientation. No one needs your permission. No one needs you to tolerate shit.

    “I tolerate mosquitos in the summer.” That’s the extent to which the word should be used.

  • And remember…religion gets mocked because of those who represent it…Westboro Baptist Church…Glen Beck…and other such nut-jobs…who focus on hate and fear.

  • I feel you, dog. My heart broke when Dennis Miller turned to “The Dark Side” Maybe those guys at Fox News drugged him with whatever drugs that Rush Limbaugh gets busted for now and then.

  • I am totally bummed about Victoria Jackson, too! I watched UHF a few weeks ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about what a nut she has become. I think it’s interesting that I (and surely others) would assume SNL types are liberals, but VJ and Dennis Miller disprove that assumption. To be honest, I think I assume that anyone I think is funny probably shares most of my values. I think this is a big part of of what makes it so shocking.