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Victoria Jackson: “I’m A Beginner Political Activist”

A photo of Victoria Jackson

Ok, this news is just a little late, but you guys should know that I can never pass up a story about Victoria Jackson. That lady is just too crazy, and I eat up every bit of it, I really do. Everything that comes out of her mouth is just really fascinating garbage. Victoria Jackson is enchanting. There, I said it.

Anyway, earlier this month, Victoria spoke at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, in D.C. Not surprisingly, she was a bright little ray of sunshine shining down in Washington, and, as always, she had some real gems to contribute to the conversation:

On her mission: “I’m here to save America from communism.”

On … um … gay marriage? “The people of California voted that they did not believe that gay marriage — no gay marriage,” she explained to HuffPost Gay Voices. “They voted that. A judge, probably gay, activist judge, overturned that. That’s what I’m talking about — communism.”

On pods: “Do you know what the housing is going to be like when we all live in a pod?” she asked. “And we all take public transit? It’s going to be Russia. It’s going to be Cuba.”

On Obama: “This president was raised marxist. His parents, his grandparents, his college professors, his whole life, he’s been immersed in marxism, even his church. Jeremiah Wright did not preach Christianity. He preached black liberation theology, which is marxism disguised as religion.”

On the Republican candidates: “Republicans and the Democrats are looking the same these days. Newt Gingrich and Mitt are socialists. I think Santorum is the only conservative.”

On government: “Most of our government is run by socialists right now,” Jackson explained. “And Obama is a communist. He just passed a law that the Catholics can’t do what they want in their own hospitals. We have forced slavery of the black community. Listen to the black conservatives who have escaped the slavery the Democrats put them under.”

Confusion: “We should vote on everything — of course we should vote on everything,” she said. But then she changed her mind: “Oh no, I believe in a republic where we should have elected officials. Democracy turns into mob-ocracy.”

But in California the people voted on civil marriage, she is told, so what happened in California was mob rule, right?

“No, um, it was a judge. It was judge,” she answers, hesitating. “I don’t know. You’re confusing me. I’m a beginner political activist.”

On gay marriage: “That’s not marriage,” Jackson explains. “It’s in the Bible. God created it. He did not create gay marriage. He created man and woman marriage — duh!”

Yeah, you guys, duh! Gosh! You just don’t get it.

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  • Love her! She isn’t afraid to tell her point of view.. detail why and what is the reason of of her feelings, although .. there is always negative and positive side of everyone’s opinion in most subjects.. she is a conservative and likes the old and stable family values..

  • She’s a moron who lacks the requisite sense of shame to keep her mouth shut. “Love her!” Really? Are you that stupid?!

    • The author and duh both are wrong. Jackson has had a good career playing a ditz, but any woman who actually knows what Liberation theology is clearly is smarter than either of you.

      • She doesn’t know what it means and clearly has no idea what she’s talking about. It’s one thing to be a conservative and another thing to blindly defend a bigot who can’t even form full sentences. Wake the fuck up and stop being a total tool bag.

  • She’s not “playing” a ditz, honey. She’s a 4-alarm dumb-ass. She’s so stupid that she doesn’t know that the Cold War has been over a looooong time! What’s next? She’ll get all excited and tell us that she just found out that Robin Wright was part of the conspiracy to kill President Lincoln!

  • Pufinstuf – if you actually lived in Eastern Europe, you’d know that these countries have not gotten rid of the communist bloc housing. It is not pleasant. Commies attempted to wipe the dazzling history of these old Europe communities, and replace it with a purposely dull, conformist way of life. They were meant to throw the entire population into the same economic status & deny any individualism or creativity.

    F-ing Google search Communist Bloc housing & you’ll see what the very intelligent & capable Ms. Jackson was talking about.

    Yeah. You missed that.

    • Yep, in the former Eastern Bloc countries they still have those dull, featureless, poorly-made buildings with ugly, depressing architecture, for the proles to live in. Fortunately they don’t have any of that *here*, or anywhere else. Not that anyone is proposing any sort of actual policy to force anyone to live in these Soviet-style “pods” that apparently exist somewhere in the USA.

      Face it, she’s preaching a paranoid delusion about something that has not and will not happen. There’s a lot not to like about Obama, but anyone who seriously thinks he’s a “communist” needs a better dictionary.

  • Victoria Jackson is unstable and paranoid. It is one thing to be conservative, another to be a paranoid religio- fascist. Just like it’s one thing to be liberal, another to live on a hippie commune. Too far to either side is dangerous, moderation is key. Whereas extreme communism looked to deny individualism, like Anon said, however, extreme conservatism looks to deny diversity. To me, it’s pretty much the same thing. Anyway, back to Victoria Jackson, when she was on SNL, yes she was more conservative than the rest of the cast, BUT she was still functional and did not spew insane diatribes. Something has happened to her and her brain fritzed out. Now she is a lunatic. It’s a shame she won’t get help-she’d think it was a communist plot or something!

  • Jesus, what a maroon. Every word out of this dunce’s bloated cakehole is a lie, including “and” and “the”.

    But she’s perfect for the CPAC folks — in fact, Vicky J. at the CPAC is basically your proverbial idiot returning to the village. Just another idiot blowhard with a cartoon-character voice and speaking ability to whip the morons up into their usual froth.

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