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Look Who Got New Shoes!

[Image Removed on Request] I guess the old, clear Lucite heels were just getting too yellowed and too cracked, and what better solution than to—DUH—buy new ones? Well, I’ll tell you what a better solution is, and then I’ll tell you probably the best solution there could be. The better solution? What Courtney did, which is buy BLACK Lucite heels so that there’s something to distract from the yellowing from all the spray-on tanner, and limit notice-ability when it comes to identifying cheap-looking cracks. The best solution of them all, though, perhaps? Not to buy cheesy Lucite stripper heels, period.

Also. About all that plastic surgery talk yesterday. It seems like Courtney‘s face has settled a bit in these photos, but there’s still no mistaking the fact that Courtney did, indeed, get something done to her head, and honestly … if I could say this without coming off like I support plastic surgery or whatever (because I don’t; I merely support a person’s decision to do what they want with their own bodies, even if I think they look f-cking stupid, which, in most cases, they do), Courtney Stodden looks a lot less rode-hard and almost acceptable.

Now if she could just dump those shoes (oh, and of course her creepy half-centurion husband), then we’d be in the business of maybe getting her a job at The Rave or Mandee or something.


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  • I don’t know – in the second picture, her face looks like it always does…just less makeup. Sure, she’s still wearing a ton, but it looks like she’s found a style that suits her. She looks a lot better.

  • A few things. One I’m still on awe of how different she looks. Two of can’t believe she actually walks around all day with those shoes. Three in the second picture it looks like she doesn’t even want him touching her.

  • I remember ashley tisdale or someone saying that with her old nose she felt the need to wear more eye makeup, but that now she was looking forward to pulling off a more natural look. I think that is the only reason she looks less “rode.” For some reason, I guess big/badly shaped noses are dealt with by wearing copious amounts of eye makeup??

  • I think it’s less make up. She still looks the same, but has not as much as the 90’s trashy eyes shadow going on. She looks a lot better, but she needs to get rid of those shoes…

  • She has changed her makeup, whitened her teeth, and lightened her hair at the very least. Also, she is not making her gag faces everywhere she goes. What a little, screwed up mess.

  • This is very funny, and she’s an idiot and all, but one has to feel sorry for her. If one is brought up in a happy, secure, safe, and sane household, with loving parents, this is almost never the life and behavior you chose. Something bad happened to her when she was a little girl. And she isn’t a grown-up, she’s still a little sad kid in an adult body. Her husband and her parents aren’t equipped to be husbands and parents, and they’ve destroyed this girl. I’m sad.

  • You just don’t know whether to laugh or feel pity for this girl. what is the point of those shoes? honestly — she’s like a circus girl.

  • Def had work done, her facial structure is changed. You can do a lot with cosmetics, but not this type of change. I think she looks great, and looks her age now.

  • I hope she keeps on wearing those mile high heels…the higher the heels, the greater the odds she’ll fall and break her neck. Go, Courtney!

  • Her cheekbones are more defined now. I have nice bone structure in my face now, but I didn’t when I was 18. That tells you how much your face can still change from your late teens into your late twenties. I can’t believe any doctor would perform extensive facial surgeries on someone so young for this very reason. I remember having the same thoughts about Olivia Newton John’s daughter. So sad

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