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Courtney Stodden is Going to be a Stripper for Her 18th Birthday

photo of courtney stodden eighteen pictures
Or, at least, judging by her photo, you’d think she’d be, because this current getup—like many of her other getups—is straight out of an 80’s budget strip club.

Also, can we talk about girlfriend’s beat-ass Lucite heels for a second? Because these bitches are just worse for the wear. She’s worn them so much that the plastic on top is actually starting to crack and yellow. Does she really love these shoes *so hard* that she’s willing to look like trash in order to keep them? Wait. … No, actually, don’t answer that.

Anyway, Courtney‘s birthday is in a few short weeks. It’s on August 29th, and the stripper allusions weren’t all that far off. No, Courtney’s retweeting people’s suggestions that she do Playboy for her eighteenth birthday. As, you know, a present to herself, of course:

photo of courtney stodden twitter pictures
It’s coming, guys. You mark my words. I mean, how else is she going to pay for these trashy clothes and grungy heels otherwise?

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  • How can it be that Courtney is in crop jeans, open shoes and a…bra top and girlfriend up there is in a wool skirt and tights? Oh right, cause Trodden would probably wear a bikini in an avalanche…

  • LOL Courtney. Poor, poor Courtney. ‘Ol Douggy’s ex #1, Amanda Sellers, is fairly talented and … not as hot (but strangely looks YOUNGER).

    Doug’s uber band hit (yeah, he was in a “band”): Vampire Chicken. YouTube (mercifully) did not yield a sample. The band was called yuh uh uh’s or something. An alt band only in the hollyweird zone.

    Anyway, his ex #2 is Kathleen Davidson. She is an ultra-hard woman to find and a lot of links have been erased. But … you can see a head shot (which is fairly old) at Painted Saint Entertainment. She’s the “creative mastermind” behind the entire thing. Kathleendavidson (dot) com leads back to PSE. She was Dougy’s first business partner. She also has a very short IMDB page. And … is not listed on Dougy’s wikerputa.

    This guy is such a sleaze-bag. But, he is consistent. Viewing all three women finds distinct similarities in looks, age *snort*, and personality.

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