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Lana Del Rey Really is Moving On From Music, You Guys

photo of lana del rey h&m blue velvet pictures
And by “moving on from music,” I mean “she’s moving on from poorly trying to sell albums to getting paid a pittance for music in H&M commercials,” because that’s precisely what this is! Here, check it out:

So, OK. Painful, right? And what’s with her face in this video? Has she finally crossed that plastic surgery-line and gotten so much crap done to her face that she looks like a waxy, reanimated corpse? Because the answer to that last question there is “yes, most definitely.”

But hey. I shouldn’t talk, right? She’s everywhere lately—riding Axl’s rose, doing stuff for H&M, wiping her gitch on your curtains … I’m sure I’m just a bitter old harpy who’s upset that H&M STILL doesn’t offer online shopping in the US. God. I should totally shut up.

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  • I’ll second that and raise you commercials. They should not be able to advertise in my San Antonio market, when the closest store is in Dallas. On the up side, Trader Joe’s is opening in my neighborhood! I’ll take it :)

  • funny that you hate her so much while you’re all over kristen stewart, who is even less talented than lana

  • I resent H&M’s online shopping because they charge you and you can’t have stuff sent for free to the nearest shop, whereas Asos do free postage and occasionally so does Topshop, which on top of that sends items for free to their closest shop. Unless it’s something I really covet I’m not paying £6 extra.