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Love It or Leave It: Christina Hendricks, With the Flat-Iron

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I feel like we spend most of our time talking about Christina Hendricks in a “Love It or Leave It“-type fashion, and I’m really starting to wonder why. See, I don’t watch Mad Men, and personally can’t speak about anything other than her amazing rack and her pretty, angelic features. No, so, to me, it’s all about the appearance. Like, when those Christina Hendricks leaked nudes happened a few months back, I was elated. Because I was like, “Wow! It’s one of those celebrities who I’d just love to see topless!” and I got my wish! But is that all Christina Hendricks is? A lovely face? Come on, guys. Someone’s got to come to her defense, here, and I just can’t do it fairly.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand: loving or leaving Christina Hendricks’ look. I have to say—I’m no big fan of pin-straight, flat-ironed hair, especially on someone who … well, on someone who it just doesn’t fit, you know, like it doesn’t on Christina, but aside from the hair … aside from the hair, I’m completely loving this look. The makeup, the pretty dress that flatters her lovely figure, and those shoes. My God, those shoes.

Christina Hendricks, today—love it or leave it?

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