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Love It or Leave It: Christina Hendricks Explodes Lisa Frank All Over the Place

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Or it appears that way at the very least.

But honestly, correct me if I’m wrong: is this not the worst dress you’ve ever seen on anyone in life? Don’t mistake – I think Christina looks positively radiant in that shade of purple, and her lipstick and her nail polish compliment the dress’s colors flawlessly, but what. the hell. is up with that dress. The only thing that’s even remotely right about it is the high, banded waist. That part’s really kind of lovely. The length isn’t so bad, either, and the shoes are OK, too. They look old, granted, but we’re not here to discuss the chronology of Christina Hendricks’ shoes.

Everything going on with that frock above the waist, though? Just pure evil. A high neck? The puffed shoulders? The 3/4 sleeves that may or may not be 3/4 sleeves and could just be that the dress is too small up top? I just don’t know, guys. Christina Hendricks can generally do no wrong with her fashion choices, but this – and those pants that one time, dear God – is just not hitting the mark. Or maybe it is, and it’s just exploding crap all over the place on impact. That might be a better observation.

Really, somebody just needs to shoot that dress and bury it in hallowed ground. That’s the only way I think we can all sleep safely at night.

Finally, no, the irony that she’s holding an Elle style award is not lost upon me, trust.

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  • Actually, I like it. For once, her boobs aren’t busting out of her dress. I hate it when she wears dresses that only cover about 1/3 of her boobs. She looks ridiculous. But here she actually looks presentable.

  • I don’t know, I think she’s tall enough to pull off a dress like that, and the color looks good on her. The pattern is a little motel bedspread-y though. I’d like to see her in similar kinds of looks.

    I will admit that my initial response to this was WEAR R TEH BOOBZ? But I recovered.