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Love It or Leave It, Officially: Rihanna’s New Hair

A photo of Rihanna
As you can see in that photo above, and as it was briefly talked about an hour ago, Rihanna has cut all her hair off. And it looks SO CUTE.

Rihanna showed off her new, adorable hair when she made her way to a rehearsal for tonight’s VMAs. Which are happening tonight, as we said, and which Sarah is liveblogging. Tune in!

But hey, another reason why I wanted to show you Rihanna’s new hair – which, in case you were wondering, is still incredibly, amazingly awesome – is that we’ve been having such a fun time talking about Emma Watson and the politics of short hair, and I wanted to keep the discussion going because it’s a topic that I feel strongly about. And just a warning, this is about to get real personal, so if that offends you, probably go read an encyclopedia or something.

Like I said yesterday, I’ve had a lot of women tell me that they’d love to have short hair, but their significant others don’t approve. I’ve also had a lot of women tell me that they’d love to have short hair, but it would look terrible on them. So many people think that a lady has to be very thin and preferably short with a dainty little nose and tiny ears and so many other specific features to pull off short hair. And listen. We have to stop this. We have to promote short hair for everyone who wants it. We have to let go of the fear.

See, I have short hair, and I love it. Well, I’m in the process of growing it out right now, mostly because my wedding is coming up relatively soon and I want to be able to have more options with my hair, but I seriously love it. And I’m pretty short, but you guys. I’m fat. I know. But I think I look better with short hair. Look, I even have comparison photos!

A photo of Emily and her hair

The photo on the left is from last year, and, as you can see, I’m sporting long hair and a ridiculously excited face from playing with a horse. The photo on the left is from this spring, and that’s me with short hair (that’s admittedly in need of a trim) and also my boyfriend. You don’t have to be Emma Watson or Rihanna or Natalie Portman to have short hair and look cute, you guys. I promise.

And just to bring this back to Rihanna and the VMAs and Rihanna’s precious head for a minute, guess what. She and Chris Brown are both seated on the front row at the VMAs, and you know what else? There are only seven seats between them. Seven! How much do you want to bet that he’ll try to reach across and touch her knee?

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  • I found out I have a disease that causes my hair to thin and fall out, and w/o treatment it gets really bad. So before I officially started treatment, I cut it really short, similar to her hair in 2009. I’ve heard all the jokes, “boy cut” “lesbian haircut” etc but I love my short hair! Treatment is going well and my hair is thicker, but I don’t want to grow it out. IMO, so what if some men prefer long hair, there are others that prefer short. More importantly *I* prefer my hair short.

    And you are not fat! You’re not a size 0, no (neither am I :P) but you are not fat! I love your hair color btw

    (sorry for the rant, but I get a lot of criticisms for ppl about my short hair [from people that also bitch about hair extensions] as if it’s their business)

    • I’m glad you got everything worked out, and I’m glad you know the wonders of short hair! And it’s always so refreshing to hear ladies say that they don’t care what dudes think about their hair. I don’t get why that is even such a thing.

      Oh, but I realized after I posted this pictures that I’m more of a stealthy fat – my cheeks are kind of chubby, but I’ve got sort of a long neck, but then you get to my hips and it’s like boom. Ain’t no shame in this game though!

  • You’re super cute with short hair, Emily! It suits you better than the long hair (in these photos, at least!). I love it.

    Not sure about Rihanna, though. The bangs are throwing me off.

    • Thank you! A lot of times I feel like it suits me better, too. But you’re right about the bangs. I still think they look cute in this photo, but after seeing her at the VMAs, I definitely see what you mean.

  • lovelovelove your pink hair! amazing.

    oh, and i once went to get my long hair cut to about your length and my stylist refused. ouch.

    • Thank you! I love it too, it was by far my favorite ever, but my hair didn’t like it. I need to figure out how to use bleach and dye without making my hair hate me forever, because I think that’s a thing some people can do.

      And GIRL. The first time I went to get my hair cut this short, it was super long too, and the stylist was like “oh, honey.” She was like “how about a nice shoulder length cut?” But I pushed, and she did it, and I absolutely loved it and thought it looked awesome. I was like “no offense, but my opinion of myself matters a lot more to me than your opinion of me.” Then she said “you go, girl!” or something like that, except I might have made that part up.

      Basically, I think if you want it, and you’re not Britney Spearsing at the moment, you should find someone (good, natch) who will do it for you. Unless you already did that. Good luck and/or congratulations!

  • I don’t care about Rihanna, but I can’t get over the fact that you look so so so so young and adorable.

    You’ll look lovely in your wedding no matter what.

    • Oh my goodness, thank you so much! That really means a whole lot. Hope you guys don’t get too upset when I show you all of the wedding pictures forever!

  • Hi sweetie,

    thank you for this very inspiring post!
    I have an appointment at my hairdresser this afternoon, and only wanted to go back to dark hair, but you know what, I’m cutting it short, too :)

    You look beautiful (and very much in love, too) with short hair, love it!

    • To be perfectly honest, I guess my whole self isn’t fat, just my ass, but my ass has enough for the rest of my whole self. I have lost quite a bit of weight in the past year (love you, stress!), so I also tend to think I’m bigger than I am. But whatevs!

  • You are so young and adorable! You look much better with your short hair than Rihanna does with her particular cut. She had been looking her best lately, I thought.

    • Thanks! My love for Rihanna’s new hair might be my love and support for short hair in general, but I still think it looks awesome. Like I said in a previous comment though, I didn’t really love what she did with it at the VMAs. It’s the bangs, it looks like just a tiny difference in styling them might throw off the entire thing.

  • I kind of love this cut on Rihanna!
    I’ve only seen it in this particular picture, but for me this is the most stunning she’s ever looked.
    Very Halle Berry.

    … And your pink short hair?

    My boyfriend claims to think that I can rock everything.
    I’m not too sure about that, but I’ve always been attracted to the pixie look. But … everytime I’ve had short-ish hair (just below the ear), it’s taken me the loooooongest time to grow it out and I just don’t have the patience for that kind of thing.

    As much as I’d love, love, love to try the pixie cut, I just know I’ll be missing my hair lenght eventually…
    And the fact that it’ll take me years and years and years to grow it out…
    But who knows.
    Maybe at some point in the future. :)

    I’m looking forward to your wedding pics, you and your future hubby are both absolutely adorable!

  • YOU. Look awesome. And I notice your fiancée improved his appearance, too…

    I kid, I kid!

    But also, I think your hair shows that styled hair wins the day over non-styled hair, whatever the length.

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