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Emma Watson Is Growing Out Her Hair Because of Dudes

A photo of Emma Watson

On Monday, Sarah shared a bunch of quotes from darling Emma Watson‘s interview with Glamour, and we all felt a bunch of warm fuzzies for our dear Hermione Granger. But a new quote is making the rounds now, and I think it’s pretty interesting.

See, Emma made the decision to start growing out her adorable pixie cut when a bunch of douchebag dudes told her it didn’t look good:

“If I had it my way, I would have just kept it short forever. Of course, men like long hair. There’s no two ways about it. The majority of the boys around me were like, ‘Why did you do that? That’s such an error.’ And I was like, ‘Well, honestly, I don’t really care what you think!’ I’ve never felt so confident as I did with short hair — I felt really good in my own skin.”

Well, ok, she didn’t directly say that she’s growing out her hair because “men like long hair,” but that’s kind of what she hinted at, right? Her phrasing is sort of confusing – she’d prefer to have short hair, but men don’t like it, but she doesn’t care what men think. Then why doesn’t she have short hair? She can obviously get wigs or extensions for movies and modeling gigs. What’s the problem?

Also, I wish dudes would just mind their business when it comes to ladies’ hair. When I cut all my hair off, I had multiple women tell me that they would love to have short hair, but their husbands or boyfriends wouldn’t let them cut it. Like, that was the phrasing they would use, “he won’t let me.” And I get that you’re attracted to what you’re attracted to, but come on now, bros. You’re not in a relationship with hair, and unless you’ve got some weird fetish I don’t know about, you’re not having sex with hair. That long hair that you like looking at sometimes is your girl’s business, not yours.

Basically, please chop it off again, Emma. You love it, it loves you, and girl. You so pretty.

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  • “If I had it my way, I would have just kept it short forever” …then keep it short, Emma! Ugh.

    I completely agree about the ‘not being in a relationship with hair’ comment. It drives me crazy to think about people wanting to represent their own personal style, but don’t due to what others want them to look like. I don’t understand why people think they have a say on this. It’s YOUR hair.

    My partner and I have this conversation more often than I’d like and I hate it because it’s such a stupid issue in a relationship. He wants me to go back to my original black hair color, but I’m digging blonde right now. He met and fell in love with me with blonde hair. When I’m ready to go back I’ll do so. But he mentions it enough that I’ve actually considered breaking up with him over it. Over my hair color! It makes me feel like my appearance is more important than who I am. So stupid.

    • You’re absolutely right, Taeko.

      It’s so good to read people who know their OWN feelings matter too, in relationships.
      I had expressed once that no partner should force their will upon the other. Of course each can lovingly do anything for the other, but they should not be FORCED to do it, it should be given willingly. This soulless psycho ripped me apart for paragraphs, projecting all their neurosis and insecurity onto me. It really depressed me about humanity.

  • Actually, the boyfriends/hubbies are smart.. Wanna know why? Because most of us women will chop off our hair spur of the moment and end up complaining about it afterwards.

    • Exactly right LoudmouthLiz!! I’ve been with my husband for 20 years married for 12 of the 20 and I’ve probably cut my hair short 3 times! Now being the nice guy that he, is he goes along with what I want because like it’s been mentioned it is MY hair! Then comes the aftermath which he dreads because that’s where I’m sorry I did it…..I’m so depressed over my short hair…..I can’t wait for it to grow long again, etc., etc.! So I’m totally on board with your comment!!

  • If you read the whole article, I’m pretty sure she says that the main reason she’s growing it out is for movie roles

  • When will women learn that a girl with a “pixie” cut is extremely unattractive. Liz you are right, most girls do hack off their hair on a wim and end up complaining about it non stop until it grows out again. Long hair is sexy. If someone falls in live with you when you had long hair, wouldn’t that make you think that we might not be too thrilled with a cut that makes you look like a butch lesbian

    • Women will never learn that because a lot of men think a cut that exposes the back of the neck is very sexy. Not all men love long hair. And ‘most girls’ do not necessarily moan about the loss of their long hair when they go short. That is not a given. And do men always kowtow to the women in their life about their hairstyles, facial hair,etc? No. One can take their partner’s opinion into consideration, but it is ultimately a personal decision.

    • I like women with short hair. Hell, I like most women bald and with a slice-bob (part bald part posh) and long and shoulder length.

      I guess I like women anyway you wana bring’em.

      And …

      You know what? I’ve HAD long hair. To the middle of my back huge head of Conan-looking shit. Thick as a bear’s pelt.

      It sucked ass. Women loved it. I *HATED* it.

      That crap took an HOUR every morning to dry and most days I wrapped it up into a big pony tail.

      I have a different view on high heels though. I love the way they make women’s bodies look.

      And, for the record, I walked around for an entire week at work in high heeled shoes. They did not, however, produce the same effect. I looked like a semi-lame, very drunk bull.

      That sucked ass too, so I would never ask (or demand) a woman wear those things but I sure like it when they do!

  • Agree with Lease, if you read the whole article, she clearly says that she is growing it out for movie roles. And actually seems to be hinting at not caring about what men may prefer (again, read the whole article for that).

  • I think when dudes see a girl with long hair, she looks traditionally feminine, traditionally pretty, conforming to gender roles (whether she actually does, it’s a different matter — but that is how she is perceived). When a girl chops her hair off, she’s saying “I don’t care what YOU think, I’m doing this for MYSELF, because *I* want to look good for ME”, and that makes them go like “woah” because many men really don’t like women with strong personalities.

  • Personally I’m only attracted to women with strong personalities. I made the mistake of being with someone who didn’t have a strong personality, she was such a push over that I hated being with her, never even had her own opinions. STRONG, INTELLIGENT WOMEN ARE SEXY.

  • Well Miree, I’m lucky to have found a guy who loves me because of my strong personality (and I have long hair… so I must have tricked him into thinking I was a weak little feminine stereotype). Some guys want pushovers, but the good ones (hiya luke) enjoy the challenge and company of a strong woman. Being a strong woman and looking feminine are not mutually exclusive.

    • The good ones like Luke?

      “…we might not be too thrilled with a cut that makes you look like a butch lesbian”

      Yeah. The good ones. Like Luke. Sure. Sounds like an awesome dude.

      • I meant about him liking strong women, my mistake I didn’t realise he was the same person who had commented earlier!

  • You pretty much have to have an outstanding face for severe haircuts, whereas long hair can distract or augment a less than striking face….that being said, some women look like shit with long hair too. Long hair is not a panacea for everything. I’ve seen men go all googly eyes over stringy, fried hair and crappy extensions, but ignore a beautiful well maintained cut. Different strokes I suppose.

  • i think she said it well. short hair is low maintenance, so it’s easy, therefore preferred amongst us chicks. BUT! i for one feel sexier when i can whip my hair like a fuckin’ 80s video vixen during SEXIN’! girls, you know it’s true. so yes, i’d like to have a billy idol haircut again, but i won’t do it, ’cause the sex will be better.

  • Does this also mean that men should collectively not give a rat’s ass about growing beards if they want to? Because we all know that right now, if the missus don’t want one, there won’t be one. Same situation…

  • I’d keep my hair long if he doesn’t grow a beard…. I think that has a similar effect on women as short hair does for men…. Ugh hate beards… Beards and short hair age you….

  • I have short hair and my bf loves it. I can do anything to my hair and he still loves me. And if he wants to grow a beard, I really don’t mind! It doesn’t concern me at all.

  • Some things you do for yourself, some things you do because you want to be popular with somebody else. For anyone who says they “don’t care” then they are either lying or anti-social.

    It’s documented that guys pay a lot of attention to women’s hair, and so do other women. That’s why it is a multi-billion dollar fashion business. If you don’t want guys to notice you or like you, then by all means make your hair however you want to.

  • The real truth is that people are so used to it, that if hair changes, then people go insane! Stop being predudice agains women with short hair an men with long hair. It’s like saying its wrong to be gay! When you descovered something which isnt the norm, you shun it, you are scared of change! Why can’t people just embrace that some people want short hair and others long? Why are we all supposed to look the same? Be different Emma!

  • My boyfriend loves me with short hair, and he has long hair, we both do drama, No ones ever said to us that you can’t get roles with short or long hair, she just needs to look for roles. She can be roslind in as you like it. And men with long hair will get to play period dramas, like ghormanghast, or Dorian gray, how many mod those men grow their hair for their roles? I bet they wear wigs!

  • I can’t blame Emma for wanting a change after all those HP years, but really…the disparaging comments against the me in women’s lives is uncalled for. Part of the reason these men don’t want their girlfriends or wives to cut their hair is because the longer hair was part of the attraction. Quite honestly, if you’re interested in keeping your man around and have him stay attracted to you, keep the hair. Simple as that. Or does attraction no longer matter anymore?

    • If a guy would leave me because of the length of my hair, I don’t think he’d be worth being with anyway.

  • I think women only really wanna look wha makes them most attractive to men, themelves and of course, their other girl friends. I think most of the time it’s long hair that looks more attractive. I think girls mainly cut their hair so they can prove that they are still attractive regardless of their hair. Then they use the excuse that they just don’t wanna deal with long hair any more. “Too much of a mission…” My take, girls will eventually realise that they can’t live with short hair any longer and decide to grow it again. Well, unless short hair suits them and long hair isn’t really for them. This is more often than not, not the case. All this crap about feeling beautiful for yourself is just trying to prove that you are beautiful anyway. Get over yourselves…

  • With the get over yourselves… comment (Sorry that was uncalled for), all I meant is that you must realize how beautiful you are and stop trying to prove yourself.