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Love It or Leave It: Emma Watson’s Leather Look

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Normally when I see a girl rocking a black leather jacket and red lipstick, I’m like, “Oh, wow, girl—1980’s Debbie Harry called and she wants her look back.” But Emma here, well. She’s an entirely different story, now, isn’t she? She pulls this look off pretty well, and if you can get past the culottes (those are culottes, aren’t they? Or is it just an odd-cut skirt?), the entire look is pretty good. Especially those shoes. I love those shoes.

Anyway. This is the lovely Emma and what she wore at the Struck by Lightning premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this weekend, and in recent Emma news, did you know that Emma Watson almost wasn’t Emma Watson? Yeah. According to the Telegraph, there was another British actress with the name of Emma Watson, and our Emma Watson wasn’t allowed to call herself ‘Emma Watson’ until the former Emma Watson gave up her professional name. From the Telegraph:

Equity, the trade union, forbids actors from sharing the same name, so when the 10-year-old schoolgirl was cast as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 2000, the older Emma Watson was asked if she would consider changing her name.

“Equity got in touch with me and said a young, unknown schoolgirl was to star in Harry Potter,” says the actress. “I was born Emma Watson and my father was the actor Moray Watson. So my acting name was always Emma Watson until I took a break from acting to home-school my two daughters.

“Equity said that, if I was to return to work, they’d have to change her name. I thought it was a hassle for her to change it when I could take my husband’s name, Vansittart.”

Now, however, Emma Vansittart is staging a comeback and faces the dilemma of whether she should reclaim her name. The actress is currently starring in The Supper Party, at the Old Sorting Office, a theatre in Barnes, south-west London. “Now my children are older, I’m ready to return to acting,” she says.

So does that mean the popular Emma Watson has to give up her name? Huh. Hardly. The REAL Emma Watson is famous because of Harry Potter, and that kind of fame doesn’t exactly dissipate overnight, you know? Any of you guys ever actually hear of the “original” Emma Watson?

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  • this article is not about what she is wearing but the fact she may have to change her name her and this older actress both have the same birth name, emma Watson the other actress began acting before this emma and stopped to look after her children. the issue is if she decided to use her name Watson not her husbands name Vansittart then this emma WILL have to change her name as you cant have two actors with the same name to avoid confusion. the other emma had watson first so she could have it back legally but hopefully she sticks with her husbands name.

  • Her hair? Perfect! Goes to prove u can pull off leather clothing with a soft, charming manner. Don’t need to be tough, morally unstable or filthy!!

    Thx Emma….u made it sooo every sweet girl can leather up!