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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Moved in Together

photo of blake lively and ryan reyonolds dating pictures
From People:

The couple, who were first linked late last year, “bought a beautiful country home” in Bedford, N.Y., a source tells PEOPLE.

And it’s not too shabby. “The house cost more than $2 million,” the source said of the property.

So it’s serious, then, huh? These two are settling down, walking dogs together, taking self pictures, and now they’re purchasing real estate together. I guess it’s a good thing. Now they can stop the constant displays of public affection (not that I personally mind; I think it’s rather cute), but for the sake of sad, sad Scarlett Johansson, it’s probably better that they have four walls to hide behind and call a home so they can do what they feel is necessary to further their blossoming love. Until Sean Penn realizes the error of his ways and invites girlfriend back into his home, his life, and by virtue, his pants, then she’s going to be treading in some pretty sensitive waters. Poor girl.

Wonder how long it’s going to be ’til we hear about an engagement ring.

Image courtesy of Popsugar