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Here’s Emma Watson on the Set of Her Latest Film Project, ‘The Bling Ring’

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Did you guys know that Emma Watson left school? I mean, yeah, that’s old news. I should have said, “Did you guys know that Emma Watson left school … again?” because she did. This time it’s to work on a Sofia Coppola movie called ‘The Bling Ring’. And immediately, I thought of the chicks that robbed Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton or whoever the hell it was, and I was like, “Ugh. Really?” And when I went to investigate it, hoping to prove my first identifying instinct wrong, I was … well, I was right. The movie is about that whole let’s-rob-celebrities thing that ended up with that Alexis Neiers bitch in jail. See?:

Inspired by actual events, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the Internet to track celebrities’ whereabouts in order to rob their homes.

WTG, Sofia. Way to add fuel to the flame of the “Now I’m FAMOUS!” fire that Neiers and her cronies have probably been roasting marshmallows that they stole out of Nicole Richie’s cabinet back when she was, you know, eating.

On a different note altogether, how surprised are you guys that Emma Watson with a weave does not channel Hermione Granger? Because guys, she doesn’t. Not at all. I saw the photos’ thumbnails, and I thought, “Heck yes, Emma’s rocking the weave and Hermione Granger is back in the saddle again,” but when I enlarged them and examined them more closely, I came to the conclusion that, no, Hermione Granger is actually long gone. Hermione’s gone and left a lovely, budding, blossoming young woman in her place who’s about to embark on a really great career.

Especially if she stops doing shitty movies like ‘The Bling Ring’. Laws.

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  • like why? this already a lifetime movie anyway. dull/sucked btw. and while it’s s. coppola, the story’s not even compelling. why should anybody give a shit