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It Turns Out That Rewarding a Deviant With a Reality Television Show Does Not Teach Them Any Lessons

Last summer everyone was talking about the Burglar Bunch, a group of Los Angeles teenagers who broke in to several celebrity homes (Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge and Paris Hilton, to name a few) to steal clothing, jewelry and other stupid, kind of meaningless shit. Two of the girls involved in the theft, Alexis Neiers and her sister Tess Taylor, were given an E! reality show as a result of all the hoopla, a questionable move but not something completely unheard of for the network. One word: Taradise.

And boy are these two delivering! This story of another heist that went down while the ladies were hosting a night at an Atlanta club popped up on TMZ today:

Sources close to the girls (and multiple club employees) tell TMZ during the course of the evening, the “Pretty Wild” sisters went to the employee lounge several times to use the bathroom. At the end of the evening, the girls were stopped by security and their purses were searched.

We’re told security found the ID of a female employee and around $200 cash (allegedly belonging to the employee) in Alexis’ purse. Cops were called.

The story goes on to explain that the sisters played dumb and were let go after the employee was given back her property. TMZ doesn’t mention if the cameras were rolling while all of this is going on, but I would assume that this incident will be played out on their show. This is, after all, their whole bit.

Generally these shows are harmless, if not kind of great. Look at how well things worked out with those Kardashian sisters. But what are we watching Pretty Wild for? If I wanted to see vapid nobodies doing morally bankrupt things on E!, I’d ask for the Olly Girls back. (Miss you, Olly Girls.)

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  • OMG… THIS is what the show is about? I saw an ad for it and clicked to see what the show was, but for the life of me couldn’t find a decent description of WHO these girls actually were. Why on Earth are they getting a show? For being spoiled brats? Come on, America…

  • So now E! is promoting thievery? Good one. And I thought that “reality” tv that exploited children was as low as it gets.

  • Those girls are such fucking trash, and they’re so dumb. Their mom seems to homeschool them, and they would be getting a better education in a Scientology classroom/bunker.

  • I watch my share of reality trash, but this truly takes the cake. These girls bitch and moan about everything and nothing…not too mention they treat their mom like garbage. It’s shit like this that get’s shown in other countries and makes them hates us even more.

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  • I watched like 5 min of this show and turned it off. It was seriously appalling. The only thing these girls have going for them is the middle girl is a thief and the older one posed for Playboy…..yea……….

    • Same here… 5 minutes into it and I was disturbed. All 3 of the girls were handed their adderal (or whatever it was) by their mom and popped the pills like good little zombies. Really sad.

  • i hate this show + this family. all they do is cry + whine about everything! sob sob. i stole shit and got caught. sob sob. they are so stupid but yet getting rewarded w/a tv show, publicity, attention + $. trash. and the mom seems a little batshit crazy

  • Not going to lie, the only reason I watch the show is bc I think Tess is beautiful and not a complete asshat like Alexis. Alexis could be cool but she cries every 5 minutes and it annoys the piss out of me. Gabby, keep your head on straight! Tess, email me I’ll treat u way better than that douchey guitar homo.

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