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Tiffani Theissen Hates Those ‘90210’ Girls

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Tiffani Theissen, or Valerie Malone, if we’re going way back and talking Beverly Hills 90210-style, recently appeared on the Howard Stern show where she discussed what it was like on the set of the famed show, and how she’s still not on speaking terms with some of the actresses (ahem, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling) because of a decades-long falling out that the girls had way back in the day.

To Stern, Tiffani said:

“We had a falling out and we grew apart. I was the one who was hurt, let’s just say that. I was the one who was hurt. It’s funny, our relationship started really rough and ended the way it started. … [The girls] were not very nice to me.”

Later in life, however, Tiffani claims that Jennie apologized for her previous behavior, and the two reconciled and became friends for a while—though their friendship bliss slowly burned out, and the two ultimately fell out of contact.

With Tori Spelling, however, there’s an even juicier story, apparently. Tiffani states that after Tori Spelling split with her first husband, Charlie Shanian, Tori and Tiffani were no longer even on civil speaking terms, because Charlie was good friends with Tiffani, and Tori didn’t like that:

“[The divorce] was a hard situation for everybody. We were close with Charlie. My best friend was Charlie’s roommate. It was hard.”

Whatever. I’m glad it’s all water under the bridge and forgiven and forgotten and all that, but I loved this show back then and I’d love to hear a tell-all about who was sleeping with who and what they really fought over and how things are to this day between the former cast mates. I mean, honestly. Can you even imagine the real drama that happened there? SPILL, VALERIE.

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  • Should I recognize the 3 people at the bottom of the picture? How did this show even end? I must have stopped watching it (much like Dawson’s Creek – which I recently watched the last episode of just to know what happened)

    • The bottom three came on the show after the actors who played Dylan, Brenda and Brandon left. They were irrelevant.

      Tiffani Theissen said on the Howard Stern interview that the women on the show were very catty toward her when she first arrived on the set. It took awhile, but she eventually became very good friends with Jenny Garth and Tori Spelling. She said once the show ended, that was the end of any relationship with Jenny Garth.

      The funny thing was when Howard asked if she had to choose between saving Jenny Garth or Tori Spelling, who would she choose, Tiffani said she’d save Tori Spelling, but only because she has one more kid than Jenny Garth.

      • How could ya not just love slutty “bad girl” Valerie Malone.
        Irrelevant or not Lindsay Price was hot as hell and I would have paid good money to see Tiffani / Valerie hook up with Lindsay’s character,