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Fred Willard’s Been Officially Axed

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From the Chicago Tribune:

ABC has canceled Willard’s improv comedy series “Trust Us With Your Life,” less than two weeks after Willard was arrested for allegedly committing a lewd act in a Hollywood adult theater.

An individual familiar with the situation told TheWrap that the cancelation was unrelated to Willard’s arrest. Indeed, the series’ ratings suggest that no other rationale was needed to ax the show. After inauspicious premiere numbers, the series eventually dropped to a 0.6 rating/2 share in the 18-49 demo most important to advertisers, the week after Willard’s arrest.

The two remaining episodes have been pulled from the network’s schedule.

Interesting, right? You know, that part about the show’s cancellation having nothing to do with the indecent exposure charge or whatever it is that he was nailed with. Because come on. What other reason would they have to cancel this show when there are shows like Once Upon a Time on the air? No, Fred’s definitely been thrown under the theoretical hammer (of love), and he’s been throttled and and pulled and stretched to an almost obscene breaking point. The results were, after all, kind of anti-climactic, because I think everybody expected things to explode this way, and then what’s left? An oozing puddle of a lengthy career that’s just had every last bit of its worth squeezed out for all to see.

Poor Fred, you know?

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  • I’m not surprised it was cancelled. I watched it a couple of times and never again. Not because it wasn’t funny, but I just didn’t care about it. Lots of people love Fred, he’ll be fine.

    And what does Once Upon a Time have to do with anything?

  • If Paul Reubens can make a come back, it should be no problem for Fred Willard, considering he’s about twenty times funnier. I would say that about 99% of his fans could not care less about this situation and hope that his career remains lengthy. He’s made me laugh since about 1978 when he used to be on “American Tonight” with Martin Mull, and he’s probably one of the most brilliant improvisational comedians of all time.