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Quotables: Andrew Garfield Knows What’s Up

A photo of Andrew Garfield

“That freaking dreamboat ….. I think I’m more attracted to Ryan than any woman could ever be. I think about him so often. I’m not joking. I have a proper man crush. Years ago, we did a screen test together, and he was just so inspiring. He reminded me of what I imagined Pacino and De Niro were like back in the day, that kind of truthful, visceral, lived-in acting. I was like, That’s what I want to follow.

Andrew Garfield explains his crush on our crush, Ryan Gosling.

Also, wait a second. If Andrew Garfield is dating Emma Stone, and if Emma Stone belongs with Ryan Gosling, AND if Andrew Garfield has a big ol’ crush on Ryan Gosling, then why don’t they all just date each other? Can someone ask Ryan Gosling about this? And, most importantly, can someone take pictures if/when this happens?

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