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Your Daily Gosling

photo of ryan gosling and eva mendes at graduation pictures
From the Toronto Sun:

Hollywood megastar Ryan Gosling proudly watched his mom graduate from Brock University on Wednesday.

The 31-year-old Canadian actor created quite a stir when he attended the St. Catharines, Ont., campus with his actor girlfriend, Eva Mendes, 38.

The couple sat near the back of the auditorium, often whispering to each other during the ceremony.

When Gosling’s mother, Donna, was called to receive her diploma, he jumped to his feet, clapping and taking pictures.

Fans lined up outside the auditorium and a fan frenzy on Twitter caused Brock University to trend in the Top 10 topics on the popular social networking site.

When approached by QMI Agency, Gosling was affable. He smiled, but said he wasn’t doing interviews.

“This is my mom’s day,” he said.

Oh God. Isn’t that just one of the sweetest things you’ve ever heard? “This is my mom’s day”? Come on. I’m practically bawling over here. From a variety of things. Like how darling Ryan is about his mom. And how gorgeous he is in these photos. My goodness. And, of course, the obligatory, “Ugh, he’s still with Eva Mendes,” which probably makes me the saddest of all.

Anyway, congratulations are in order to Ryan’s mom! You go, lady!

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