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Love It or Leave It: Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy Cover

photo of jenny mccarthy playboy pictures 2012 pic
Yawn—not impressed.

Jenny McCarthy, if you didn’t know, is turning 40 this month! Can you believe the “Hot Chick” from ‘Singled Out’ is going to be 40? If you can, that means you’re getting old, too. If you can’t, then I can tell you one thing, guy—you’re deluding yourself and it’s really not pretty.

See, I don’t know. I “get” that she’s trying to commemorate her first Playboy photo shoot from back in 1993 when she was just twenty-one, but I’m sorry. Hearing her stupid sexting-the-dentist stories are way, way better than this spread could ever be. Sometimes it’s just time to pack it in, you know? And it’s not even an age thing—it’s that Jenny McCarthy worked hard to build her “serious” repertoire, and now she wants to go and move backwards by doing Playboy when Playboy‘s not even, like, cool* anymore.

About the spread, Jenny says that she’s “really proud” of it:

“I’m really proud of it. The pictures are really gorgeous and classy. They could be out of W magazine. They’re really elegant. It’s probably a lot more sophisticated than a lot of the stuff you’d see of people with their clothes on. The one thing I like about Playboy is they don’t have the anorexic look. The women are voluptuous. So I didn’t really want to diet. I just wanted to tone up.”

OK, sure, Jenny. You got it.

What do you guys think of Jenny’s Playboy cover?

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*I’m sorry, you’ve got me here. Was Playboy ever cool?

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  • After all her bashing of Jim Carrey not seeing her son, she is just increasing her trash quotient. Oh, so much better for her son’s well being to pose nude in a magazine so he can be mortified when he grows into an adolescent!
    Tell me again-why is this woman famous? Oh yeah, because she’s workin’ it and she always has been.

  • I think the irony of her quote: “… could be out of W magazine …” was both hilarious and ironic, as they have a reputation (see Demi Moore DEC ’09) for wildly editing pictures. At this point they’re a gossip rag. At one point they were into fashion. But devolved into shock and then into gossip. Go look at the website.

    The median income of their (W’s) readers is $130k, which I guess means they’re sort of affluent? Almost all of them are women (I guess hence the W). Not _exactly_ the target audience of Playboy; I’d imagine few men know W exists.

    Anyway, Playboy WAS cool … in the ’80s and before; in that it was a sort-of upscale alternative to say … Hustler. Or Big ‘Uns. (Of Al Bundy fame.)

    Then they fell on hard times due to Political Correctness, Vivid, and the internets.

    That’s my guess anyway.

    Anyway, she was a playmate in 1993 and playmate of the year in 1994. So, lots of actresses have appeared twice. She’s only done 1 shoot.

    It isn’t like you couldn’t put a year-old fuzzy pair of cantaloupes on a broom and people would know the difference with all the photoshop violence. Hell, you could be looking at Hugh and wouldn’t even know it. (No, not really, but it is a funny image isn’t it?)

    That being said – squish-headed Jenny above (either that picture is off in aspect) has been slimmed down and smear-tooled into looking fairly good. Of course, she’s only 39.

    I hope they paid her more this time. How embarrassing would it be to be paid ($32k was her original figure in 1994) 1/32nd what … Lindsay “the human wreck” Lohan was paid?

  • This woman should go crawl under a rock. Her campaign against vaccination has done more for harming American children than anything else. This is a woman who trusts other parents’ vaccination so that her beautiful, beautiful child doesn’t contract tuberculosis or rubella. She is an A+ cunt.

    • sounds likeyou could not pass your boards at med school ,if not thatyou’re some other kind of loser at least she is paying the rent hollywood style i know you can’t have biblical motives because everything besides do unto others is just commentary

    • i’d like to bury my face in that a+ cunt she is so hot you’d burst into flames standing near her so just choke down your sour grapes and shut the fuck up i hear your doorbell must be your jenny craig delivery,go rant at all the early”baby boomer”babies with those little tyrannosaurus arms whose pregnant mothers were given a shot to advance medical science,so far big advances are rogain and viagra,we got hair and hard-ons fixed maybe cancer,diabetes,heart disease,could get a little cash too,fool!

  • Before claiming that her son’s autism was caused by vaccination, McCarthy wrote that he was gifted, a “crystal child”, and she an “indigo mom”.I guess that escaped her publishers. The fact is Evan’s disorder began with seizures and his improvement occurred after the seizures were treated, symptoms experts have noted are more consistent with Landau–Kleffner syndrome, often misdiagnosed as autism. When or when will McCarthy stop her shameless and desperate promotions. If she really had an autistic child she would be focused on the child’s serious needs, but since he never was autistic, she’s got all this time to promote herself, which was always what her promotion of her son was all about. Just a very sad woman. She literally ripped through autism community and used as many people as she could and then when she made money off her books, etc…it was back to her, her, her, and more of her her her. Poor kid. I hope she hides the bush pictures of herself from him. Just disgraceful. Even when he was at dentist she couldn’t resist promoting herself by saying she sexted her dentist. It just never ends with this woman.

  • I thought she was older than me, which is older than forty, so I guess she looks old for forty! Sorry Jen. :)

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