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Quotables: Jenny McCarthy Sexts Her Dentist

photo of jenny mccarthy nudes pictures

“It’s horrific to remember. [My son] Evan woke up and said, ‘There’s this weird thing on my gum.’ …So I called the dentist and said, ‘This is insane’. He said, ‘Take a picture of it and send it to me.’ So I’m taking a picture of it and I’m sending it to the dentist and I sent him a nude on accident (sic)! I swear to God! The dentist is, like, 80 years old. I literally screamed at the top of my lungs.”

Jenny McCarthy on (not sic!) accidentally sending her dentist a nude photo.

Look, if you guys have been around here for awhile, you’ll know that I don’t exactly think the world of Jenny McCarthy. Truth be told, I think she’s kind of an idiot. Call it irrational, call it whatever you want, but I think the lady’s two crayons short of an eight-crayon box (and two crayons out of eight is, what, a whole twenty-five percent of the box?). Also, I think she’s pretty self-centered, and greedy to boot.

All that being said, this is funny as hell. Probably the funniest thing she’s ever really done or said, actually, so props to you, Jenny McCarthy. Now get the hell off my radar, OK?

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  • the term ‘by accident’ has been supplanted with the term ‘on accident’ both my kids and most of their friends now say it.

  • That’s because, apparently, shitty parents think that correcting the shitty grammar their kids use is on par with beating them. Hint: it’s not.

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