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Your Daily Gosling

Hey! It’s Ryan Gosling as a kid! Dancing! Singing! Being generally adorable!

Flash-forward twenty years and you have him dating Eva Mendes. Where did he go wrong, guys? How did it happen? Well, here’s a little story I’m going to tell you, speculating on what happened.

Ready? Set? GO!

2000. ‘Remember the Titans’. We couldn’t remember Ryan’s name, but we certainly couldn’t forget his face.

2001. ‘The Believer’. We truly believed that Ryan could pretty much do anything, and with that, it really all began.

2002. ‘Murder by Numbers’. We saw a side of Ryan that we didn’t know existed, and even though it was draped in homicide, it was HOT.

2004. ‘The Notebook’. NOAH AND ALLIE MONIES MONIES HOT SEX BEST COUPLE EVER MONIES. Ryan could now write “A-list” in his notebook.

2007. ‘Lars and the Real Girl’. This is where Ryan went all indie and forever broke it off with Rachel McAdams because she was doing real movies.

2010. ‘Blue Valentine’. If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll know that I’m going to partially attribute Ryan’s choice in Eva Mendes only because I moved from the area in which he filmed this movie, halfway through. My bad, boo.

2011. ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’. This is the year that Ryan fell in “crazy, stupid love” with Eva Mendes. What an ass.

2011. ‘Drive’. And this is how he drove us all away.

Will 2012’s ‘Only God Forgives’ be Ryan’s redeeming piece? Will God even forgive him for dating such a schmoe as Eva Mendes? Will we be able to forgive him along with God?

I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, guys. Wait and see and plot and watch. And see.

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  • My love for Ryan Gosling dates back to 1997 and Breaker High. Canadian TV at its best. He was also incredible in “United States of Leland”.

  • I’m sure he was teased unmercifully if he had any friends outside the Disney universe after they got a load of that performance.

  • This post made me laugh! And I agree. What went wrong?
    Why Eva Mendes? I still shake my head. I give up.

  • It’s funny how he broke up with Rachel for doing “real” movies.
    I do remember reading rumours about how he wasn’t impressed with Rachel’s movie choices. It’s strange, because he’s been doing more mainstream movies recently.