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Ryan Gosling is Probably Going to Marry Eva Mendes Now, Sorry

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From Us Weekly:

After nine months of dating, Eva Mendes is ready to take things to the next level with beau Ryan Gosling.

“She starting to think about marriage and kids,” says a Mendes pal. “She loves serious relationships, and she wants all of that.”

Luckily, Eva has an ally in Gosling’s mom, Donna, who is just as eager to see her son settle down. “Eva hit it off with Donna immediately,” explains the insider. “Now they text and email all the time!” So, naturally, when the actor went to Ontoario to watch his mom graduate from Brock University on June 6, Mendes was by his side.

Says the pal, “Eva and Donna just get along really, really well.”

You know, some of you guys have speculated that Eva is already carrying Ryan’s baby. Some of you (and by “you,” I mean “me”) think that a marriage is probably just right around the corner, because Ryan doesn’t strike us as a date-around kind of guy who’s interested in playing the field. Some of you (again with the substitution thing) think that Eva’s not even remotely good enough for our boy, Ryan, but unfortunately, there’s something that’s keeping his attentions drawn and his penis wired.

My guess is that it’s either babies, or there’s a whole lot about Eva Mendes that we don’t already know. And in either case, I’m pretty disappointed that, of all Hollywood beauties, Ryan would ultimately end up with Eva Mendes. I mean, she’s pretty and all, but it’s like … I don’t know, and anti-climax or something. It’s the crappy, joke, pre-gift that you get when you’re twelve and you’re expecting something big and grand and you definitely know that you got it but the gift-giver wants to make you wiggle and squirm and torture you with the idea that you definitely got something that was not as good as what you’d hoped for. That’s Eva Mendes. She’s the ultimate anti-climax.

… Yet aparently, there’s something to her, so we may as well get used to the idea that Ryan could be toting around a Mrs. Eva Mendes-Gosling for the rest of our days on earth.

Hell’s bells.

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  • Ugh! I don’t like Eva at all. She’s a known b*tch within the industry.
    I think it’s probably a case of birds of a feather flock together, unfortunately. Ryan is probably more like her than we think. I’m not really a fan of his anymore anyways.

  • I thought Eva was very opposed to marriage? She’s been very vocal about it in the past. Even as recently as last year when she was on the Chelsea Lately show. I don’t think she would change her mind so fast. I’m not sure I buy this.

    • I hear you. But I think she’s only “changing her mind” because she was never really opposed to it to begin with. Eva didn’t really have any solid prospects for awhile (for whatever reason; despite the fact that I’m insanely jealous, she IS an appealing woman), so I think she was really just trying to save face for awhile.

  • I find this news more upsetting than finding out this week that my man was trying to cheat on me. *sigh* that says a lot of things about me.. lol

  • This is terrible news. I’m very bitter about this. I’ve tried to make myself happy for them, but it’s physically impossible. I just want to bawl my eyes out and punch something. I know, I sound like a weirdo.

  • I have never cared about a celebrity relationship in the past but for some reason this one annoys me. I really think he could do better. I am hoping that once their movie comes out they will get sick of each other from doing all the red carpets and interviews.

  • I don’t normally care about celebrities and their relationships either. But this hits a nerve with me. I don’t know why. Maybe because I like Ryan so much and believe he could be doing far better. I mean, come on, Eva’s famewh*ring the heck out of this situation. Pap photos every day? If Ryan doesn’t see that, he’s completely blind.