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  • I’m just saying.. he might be included in her life.. but it sounds like she is marrying someone not Justin..

  • Well,um,hello Mrs Jessica Biel,well um,ma name is Ike Nash,& um,I’m a very very Gorgeous Looking Kid,& I’m a very Huge fan,of yours,& um,how are you doing today?And I like you so much that,I wrote for you a Love Song,& the name of ma Love Track for you is called Hello Sexy Mrs Jessica Biel,& um,I wrote ma song for you to the Instrumental of a Rap Song called Never Grow,using my own Lyrics/Words,& the song Never Grow,was originally rapped by the Rapper named Bizzy Bone,& um Dear Sexy Mrs Jessica Biel,I did not write ma Love Song for you to the Instrumental of the Song called Never Grow,because I’m trying to play a cruel joke or something like that,I’m not,trying to play a sick,dumb nor brutish kind of a joke,the reason why I,Ike Nash,wrote for you a Love Song to the Instrumental of the rap song called Never Grow,is because this song has a very very awesome sounding instrumental,so um,dear Sexy Mrs Jessica Biel,here is my Love Song for you that I wrote to the instrumental of Never Grow,which was originally sang by Bizzy Bone,using ma own lyrics/words,& um,Dear Sexy Mrs Jessica Biel,whenever ya see the word Bay-Bay in ma Love Track that I have written for you,this word means Baby,& whenever you see the word Lay-Day this word means Lady,so um,Dear Girl,have a very awesome day Sexy Mrs Jessica Biel

    The Song Title:Hello Sexy Mrs Jessica Biel

    My introduction before the chorus for Sexy Mrs Jessica Biel:

    Yo Jess,I’m not depressed,I like your smile,& your Dress,so Princess,how you bin,Bay-Bay,Lay-Day,Hey Girl

    The Chorus For You Sexy Mrs Jessica Biel:

    Mrs Jessica,hey yo,do you go?to the shows,up in Hollywood?One day,love,I saw,you,at the Shows,looking good,Babe,so hey,Hollywood,is okay,girl,I’ll stay,loving you,Babe,everyday,Bay-Bay,hey girl,Princess

    Verse 1 for Sexy Mrs Jessica Biel:

    Going out,hey girl,babe,when you come around,girl,the town,just loves,you,so,the way you,glow,the things,you do,the way you, flow,showing grace,girl you’re everythang,you bless the place,no mess in here,and everywhere,that you,go,Babe,I love you more

    The Second chorus For Sexy Mrs Jessica Biel:

    And Girl,you’ll always,glow,hey yo,& girl,I love,you more,Babe,& girl,I’ll always,flow,Babe,& girl,you’ll always grow,Babe,& girl,you’re at the Shows,yeah Babe,& girl,you’ll always,glow

  • Well,hello there Sexy Mrs Jessica Biel,well,um I will just like to say,that I am the kid that had just recently submitted my comment asking you how was your day,& ma name is Ike Nash