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  • I can’t stand her either. I think the only way I will ever find her or her twitter account interesting is if she “accidentally” tweets some naked Justin pictures. ;)

  • The kitten thing, take a tshirt that you wore all day and put it where he likes to sleep. It will smell like you and should be comforting. If he is really little you may need to get one of those stuffed animals with the ticker inside of it to mimic a heartbeat.

  • I don’t know anything either but I like this site now because of this post. First time being here. Yes that does seem boring. I keep trying to have a twitter account but it never sticks.

  • Let the kitten sleep with you! Loneliness is Kryptonite to kittens; they’re not meant to be alone at that age. He’s scared and bored and sad when you lock him up.

  • My kitty was maybe three or four days old when I found her and mewed constantly. I put a pair of my fleece pajama pants and a few small stuffed animals in the box where she slept. The box started out right next to my bed and then every few days or so I would scoot it a little farther away. I sleep with my bedroom door open so she knows she can come in if she wants but she doesn’t meow if she can’t see me anymore.