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Jessica Biel’s Parents Aren’t Excited About The Wedding Either

A photo of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Yep, it looks like that wedding is still in the works, despite those red flags that have been popping up for the past three years or so. I will never understand why Jessica Biel is actually going to marry Justin Timberlake, or why he agreed, or basically anything at all involving these two together. That’s fine though, I don’t have to understand it. But I bet Jessica’s mom and dad would like to feel good about it before their daughter goes and marries good ol’ JT.

From The National Enquirer via Celebitchy:

Jessica Biel’s engagement to Justin Timberlake is being rocked by her family’s distrust of him! Tensions in the Biel family have reached fever pitch with Jessica’s devoted dad remaining suspicious of Timberlake’s intentions, sources say. And Justin’s reached the end of his rope.

“Justin has tried everything to win over Jessica’s family – gifts, wining and dining her parents, attending key family events, and even giving her brother Justin a job, only to have it thrown back in his face,” revealed a friend of Justin. “He finally got frustrated and blew up at Jessica. She begged him to have patience and assured him that she loves him and has faith in him.”

But it’s easy to see why her parents would feel otherwise.

“Jessica dad and her mom Kim will never forget the hurt Justin caused their daughter when they split early last year,” said a source close to the Biel family. “They’d been together for four years and she put up with so much, including his on-set affair with Mila Kunis and him hooking up with Olivia Munn shortly before they split.”

Justin has also been linked to Olivia Wilde and Ashley Olsen, and Jessica constantly fins phone numbers from girls in his pockets, added the source. Even after they got engaged in December, Justin reverted to his bad-boy ways.

“Jessica started to complain that she hardly ever saw him… in February, Jessica actually begged Justin to teach her how to sing – not because she wanted to try musical theater, which is what she told him, but because she wanted to spend quality time with him!”

Still, her parents remain worried that he’ll cheat on her again, according to the source.

“Justin refuses to sell his bachelor pad on Mulholland Drive, and that’s left a foul taste in her dad’s mouth,” explained the source. “Justin insists he wants to keep his boys-only parties away from Jessica’s house, where he normally stays. But even when Jessica offered to build him a ‘man cave’ on her property for him, he refused to sell. As far as her parents are concerned, these are not the actions of a man who’s serious about settling down – and no amount of cash-flashing will convince them otherwise.”

So she finds numbers in his pockets frequently, he refuses to sell his house so he can have “boys only parties” and her parents don’t like him? Gee, sounds like a catch, Jess. You must be super proud.

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  • The source is the National ENQUIERER …. Posting is invalid, stupid and a waste of time. Give me my minute in a half back. Way to use better judgement if it sounds stupid and not true then it is stupid and not true. Good luck with this low budget blog though

  • LOL @ low budget blog. Really? You’re still reading though. If it bothers you that it said the source was the Enquirer, then you could have stopped there.