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Guess the Celebrity! Who Needs a Manicure Edition

photo of britney spears chewed nails pictures
Can you guys figure out who this is just by the condition of girlfriend’s nail beds? Because I think even if I didn’t know who it ultimately was, I probably could have guessed. I think the only thing that would make it more obvious is if there was a Marlboro Light clutched between her fingers.

Jump in to find out who those bloodied nails belong to!

photo of britney spears xfactor announcement pictures
Of course it’s Britney. Do you know any other majorly-stressed-out blonde ladies who would actually chew their fingers in public? You know, guys, after seeing this picture and watching the video snippet of Simon and LA Reid announcing Britney and Demi as the new judges on X-Factor, I’m honestly not quite sure that she’s ready for all of this. The video depicts her as confident and alert and ambitious, but you can just hear it in her voice—the way it breaks on certain words, like she’s about to start bawling, the awkward cadence of what she’s saying, and then the “back to you, Simon” at the end? I don’t know, guys. I just don’t want to see Britney doing anything that’s going to get her in over her head, but hell. Simon doesn’t care. He recently told TMZ that—public Britney meltdown or not—it’s going to be “ratings gold” for the X-Factor. Cute.

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  • Ohhh my nails used to look like that for a reaaalllyyyy long time; thank god I was able to stop chewing on them (it was really hard to quit though). I’m probably reading way to much into it, but it worries me that Brit is so stressed that she chews her nails like that. Considering her mental-illness it doesn’t bode well.

  • 1st guess was lindsay lohan. I do remember her doing a 20/20 interview and mentioning how she bites her nails though

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