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What Happened to Josh Hutcherson’s Nose?

A photo of Josh Hutcherson

Look at his poor little nose, with that bandage over the tip! And those sad little eyes! Bless your heart, Josh Hutcherson, what happened to your precious face?

From TMZ:

With his face bruised and bandaged up, “Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson was spotted leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills on Monday … after suffering a mysterious injury to his nose.

Hutcherson first tweeted about the injury on May 9th … saying, “Just had surgery to fix my broken nose” … and later his rep told us the actor had been diagnosed with a deviated septum.

But there’s one big question — how DID the 19-year-old movie star break his nose?

Josh isn’t saying … and neither is his rep … who told TMZ “no further details will be released.”

Is it just me, or is it automatically suspicious when a celebrity has surgery “to fix my broken nose”? My immediate response is “yeah, and you got your nose broken by a plastic surgeon, so quit playing games.” But of course, I don’t really think Josh Hutcherson would be the type to get a nose job, and if he did, I feel like he’d be open about it.

But here’s another angle: a lot of people are saying that what really happened is that a crazed fan broke into his house and attacked him, and he received a broken nose in the struggle. I can’t find any actual articles that claim this, but it’s been left in the comment sections of numerous stories, so I thought that was interesting. I don’t think it really happened, but it’s an interesting theory.

Whatever the real story is – deviated septum, cosmetic surgery, or a broken nose from an assault – here’s the best part: Josh tweeted that he while he was recovering, he watched a marathon of Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s show, The Client List, on Lifetime:

If that’s not reason enough to love this guy, then I don’t know what is.

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  • I was talking to Josh for two hours before I figured out he’s a famous, and for his age top shot. What a great, down to earth, just fenomenal kid. That’s how I came across this lame article, I actually googled him.
    It’s so sad that nobodys and wannabes, like you Emily actually try to make name by writing horrible stories like this.
    Is this your talent? Really? So fucking pathetic.

    • If you actually read the article, I said repeatedly that I think he’s a great dude. That’s what I’ve always said about this guy. But hey, thanks for the cool story.

  • Maybe this isn’t peeta at all!!! It doesn’t even look like him! Just saying. Cuz I think I know what peeta looks like cuz he is as cute as fuck!

  • hey i love Josh soooooo much just wondering what the real story is so when u get it plz post it i love him sooooo much hes sooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heres what I heard, he was in his apartment and a 14 year old girl broke in. She had a knife. She said she wanted his leg to be amputated like in the book, The Hunger Games. His roommate Andre got the girl under controll and in that case he broke his nose. I????JOSH!!!!

  • He is such a nice, sweet, hot guy! Sorry to tell all of you this, but…it was me….I broke into his house and tried to get him to marry me…when he said no…well that’s when I got a little crazy and smashed his face into the wall. I even broke my wrist. Sorry. Don’t hate me for it, he is still cute as hell.

  • Josh broke his nose becuz the 14 year old came into his house and had a knife and the 14 year old wanted josh’s leg like how it’s like in the hunger games books, and his roommate got control of the 14 year old, and josh had received a broken nose for what has happened with that idiot fan…

  • Thats all a load of bullshit about the crazed fan breaking into his house to cut of his leg to make it like how it was in the hunger games.. Think about it. Are you fucking kidding me..? I’m a fan of josh, a lot of people are, but if we love him, why the fuckk should we try to cut of his leg? It’s a load of bullshit. You people have nothing better to do than make up stupid lies to make a sad situation funny Or interesting. Is it really that hadrd to say he just could have fell? Or hit his nose on a fridge or car door? Seriously? Like can you all shut the fuckk up ? Your all annoying with your stupid little lies trying to act all cool and pretending you know what happened. Well guess what? YOU WERNT THERE. WE’RE YOU? NO. I’m not saying I know exactly what happened. Because I don’t. But I do know it wasn’t from a 14 year old girl breaking into his house and trying to cut of his leg.. Seriously. You all need to grow the fuck up.
    All I hope for is these dumbass rumors to stop and for josh to be better..

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