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Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson thinks Jennifer Lawrence’s nude picture leak is “not fair”

josh hutcherson jennifer lawrence

Josh Hutcherson plays the soft-spoken Peeta Melark alongside Jennifer Lawrence‘s Katniss in The Hunger Games, and he always seemed to be… not acting in that role. He seemed quiet and sweet but a bit corny, and he still does to this day, bless him. Following suit, he made a statement of sorts about JLaw’s nude picture leak, saying simply that it’s “not fair” because stars are people too, you guys.

From ET Canada:

“Actually I haven’t talked to her but I just think all that stuff is so ridiculous,”  the actor says of the set of nude celebrity photos which leaked over Labour Day weekend. “We’re people too man, we just want to live, we want to be normal people, it’s not fair.”

Hutcherson, who has been acting since he was 9-years-old, provided insight into how Lawrence might be dealing with the scandal and elaborates on the loss of privacy that comes with fame. “It’s something you obviously don’t want to happen to you and its really unfortunate that it happens but, I don’t know, I hate the way the world sort of views those sorts of issues,” he explains. “I think everyone has their own way of getting through it… It’s really truly not fair.”

I suppose it’s probably uncomfortable to be asked about something so personal that has zero to do with you but that you’re expected to have an opinion on because you know the person it DOES have to do with, so I can see why he came across as a bit of a bumbling idiot, but I would just have said before cameras started rolling, “Yo, don’t ask me about that shit.” People do it all the time! Save yourself the embarrassment, Josh.

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Josh Hutcherson Says He’s “Maybe 100% Straight”

josh hutcherson out magazine

Josh Hutcherson had a lot to say for OUT Magazine. He took a page from Michelle Rodriguez’s playbook and spoke frankly about his sexuality.

Maybe I could say right now I’m 100% straight. But who knows? In a fucking year, I could meet a guy and be like, ‘Whoa, I’m attracted to this person.’ I’ve met guys all the time that I’m like, ‘Damn, that’s a good-looking guy’, you know? I’ve never been, like, ‘Oh, I want to kiss that guy’. I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.

Here’s some more interesting quotes.

On raising a kid:

I have this dream that one day, my kid’s gonna come home from school and be like, ‘Dad, there’s this girl that I like, and there’s this guy that I like, and I don’t know which one I like more, and I don’t know what to do.’ And it’d just be a non-issue, like, ‘Which one is a good person? Which one makes you laugh more?’

On a hypothetical Hunger Games threesome:

I know Peeta would be into it, for sure. He’s very sensitive, in touch with his emotions. I think it really might solve a lot of their problems. You know what? I’m going to pitch that idea. Let’s make it a—what’s it called when three people are in a relationship together? A triad? That’ll go over well with Middle America.

On his leaked nude pics:

I find it so shocking still that nakedness is so shocking.

Yo Josh, say “shocking” one more time.

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The Moment No One’s Been Waiting For: Leaked Josh Hutcherson Nudes

josh hutcherson hunger game nude pic

Josh Hutcherson AKA Hunger Games dude, has some leaked nudes of him that are dazzling the internet right now. Apparently he took these and distributed them himself when he was on a dating site a few years ago under the name “Connor.” Life of the Rich and Famous got the above photo and has some details:

A year ago or so, 20-year old Josh Hutcherson was allegedly caught on a online dating site.. under the name, “Connor”.

‘Connor’ was not only sending photos to girl(s) but actual videos of him pleasuring himself to someone who we gladly got a hold of.

After reaching out to his team for a comment, all we got was legal threats.

Nice job, Connor. How stupid does one have to be?? Sending nudes online is one of the worst ideas you could have. Yeah, I guess he didn’t know he was going to star in the hugely successful Hunger Games series, but that doesn’t matter. Why put something like that out there on the internet where anyone can find it and pass it along? Maybe he doesn’t care.

You can tell it’s him because of his stupid giant anchor tattoo. Can’t wait for the video!

New Couple Alert: Selena Gomez and Josh Hutcherson?

photo of josh hutcherson and selena gomez pictures
Hollywood Life says that Selena and Josh Hutcherson left a Golden Globes afterparty arm-in-arm the other night, but then, does that really mean anything? I mean, take a gander at the above photo. Josh here is completely surrounded by hot tail, and is Selena Gomez honestly the best of all? I don’t know. Let’s take it one by one, shall we?

First, we have Vanessa Hudgens, who … wait. Vanessa Hudgens is Hutcherson’s ex-girlfriend. She’s automatically off the list because no one under the age of of forty and over the age of twenty recycles their exes in Hollywood unless they’re a) sad, b) sad, or c) all of the above. Also, Vanessa’s got her own boyfriend these days anyway. Next, we have Ashley Tisdale, who’s rumored to be dating a dude named Christopher French and who’s all sorts of whatever anyway. Next, there’s Selena, who’s pretty hot and newly single, and last, that’s … well, that’s Sarah Hyland right there. She’s the last in the line of ladies next to Josh, and also, he’s completely angled away from her so I think that probably says a lot. These young kids don’t really leave a lot to the imagination, anyway. No, really, this all just leaves Selena Gomez and Josh Hutcherson, sitting in a tree or whatever it is they’re probably going to do over the next few weeks.

Here’s what HL had to say about the two and what went down the night of the Globes:

While Justin Bieber was busy performing in New Orleans on Jan. 13, Selena Gomez was in Beverly Hills partying at the Golden Globes after party hosted by Harvey Weinstein — and she was dancing with Hunger Games hottie Josh Hutcherson! But before you say Selena broke the girl code by partying with BFFVanessa Hudgen‘s ex, it’s OK, because Vanessa was there to cheer her on! An eyewitness EXCLUSIVELY told about Selena’s flirting with Josh, and how “Justin is in no way on her mind whatsoever.”

Selena, 20, looked hot in a gold mini dress as she attended Harvey’s annual Golden Globes after party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel with her Spring Breakers co-star Vanessa, and her friends Ashley Tisdale and Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland. And of course Josh, 20, was there too!

“She was dancing and flirting with Josh,” our source told us. “[Vanessa] was there to witness it. Selena was dancing and having lots of fun and flirting with Josh.”

It’s so cool Vanessa didn’t mind that Selena was flirting with her ex — Josh and Vanessa briefly dated after they starred in Journey 2 together — but as previously reported,Vanessa has been a shoulder for Selena to cry on during her breakup from Justin. Plus, Vanessa is happily dating The Carrie Diaries star Austin Butler!

“Vanessa needed to go to the bathroom and asked me where the restroom was, and I told them both [Vanessa & Selena] and they went,” the eyewitness said. “Josh followed them, and Selena and Josh left the Beverly Hilton together. Justin is in no way on her mind whatsoever.”

What do you guys think of Selena and Josh? Cute? Not really a good match? Like me, don’t really care at all because this is, after all, the girl who took Justin Bieber seriously enough to date him for a minute?

Let’s Fall in Love with Josh Hutcherson All Over Again

We haven’t talked about Josh Hutcherson since May. I honestly can’t even believe that, but it’s obviously true. I guess that that just means that my own personal love for him was burning in my heart so strongly that I didn’t even take the time to realize that I hadn’t shared it publicly in months. And I think that’s admirable.

Also admirable: this whole entire video. Just watch it, then watch it over again. Then wait a few minutes and watch it again. Save the video, and watch it once a day for as long as the internet exists. I think we’ll all be better for it.

What Happened to Josh Hutcherson’s Nose?

A photo of Josh Hutcherson

Look at his poor little nose, with that bandage over the tip! And those sad little eyes! Bless your heart, Josh Hutcherson, what happened to your precious face?

From TMZ:

With his face bruised and bandaged up, “Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson was spotted leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills on Monday … after suffering a mysterious injury to his nose.

Hutcherson first tweeted about the injury on May 9th … saying, “Just had surgery to fix my broken nose” … and later his rep told us the actor had been diagnosed with a deviated septum.

But there’s one big question — how DID the 19-year-old movie star break his nose?

Josh isn’t saying … and neither is his rep … who told TMZ “no further details will be released.”

Is it just me, or is it automatically suspicious when a celebrity has surgery “to fix my broken nose”? My immediate response is “yeah, and you got your nose broken by a plastic surgeon, so quit playing games.” But of course, I don’t really think Josh Hutcherson would be the type to get a nose job, and if he did, I feel like he’d be open about it.

But here’s another angle: a lot of people are saying that what really happened is that a crazed fan broke into his house and attacked him, and he received a broken nose in the struggle. I can’t find any actual articles that claim this, but it’s been left in the comment sections of numerous stories, so I thought that was interesting. I don’t think it really happened, but it’s an interesting theory.

Whatever the real story is – deviated septum, cosmetic surgery, or a broken nose from an assault – here’s the best part: Josh tweeted that he while he was recovering, he watched a marathon of Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s show, The Client List, on Lifetime:

If that’s not reason enough to love this guy, then I don’t know what is.

Josh Hutcherson Might Be in Trouble

A photo of Josh Hutcherson

Not only might precious Josh Hutcherson be in trouble, but he might be facing actual jail time. For real.

But what could he have done? He’s just a darling little actor, minding his business and starring in awesome movies. There’s no way he could have done anything worthy of jail time, right? This is probably all just a big misunderstanding, and police thought that Josh was breaking a law when he was really changing the world. That’s got to be it.

No, it’s not. It turns out that Josh is really in trouble for the crime of being 19 years old and wanting to booze it up.

From TMZ:

19-year-old “Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson took a not-so-cheap shot at a Ralph’s Grocery store — he posed as over 21 and got the check out clerk to sell him an expensive bottle of whiskey.

We got this pic of Josh leaving the Ralph’s in Sherman Oaks on April 18 with a bottle of Macallan whisky in hand — which, by the way, goes for $170.

A source tells TMZ … Josh used a fake ID to score the bottle.

It’s interesting … a few weeks ago we got Josh on camera, grousing, “I think the age to go to war is 18 … so I think the drinking age should be 18 as well.”

A spokesperson for Ralphs tells TMZ, “We strictly enforce all laws relating to the sale of alcohol to minors.  We will investigate these allegations and take any steps necessary.”

Josh could be prosecuted and the maximum punishment is 6 months in jail, although in reality he’d spend no time behind bars.  Authorities could also go after Ralph’s for selling to a minor.

We reached out to Josh’s rep.  So far, no comment.

Did any of you guys ever have a fake ID? I didn’t. I wasn’t that interested in booze until I was 21 anyway, and even if I had been interested, my nerves never would have been able to take that kind of activity. I’ve always had this irrational fear of going to jail that made doing anything illegal really unpleasant. I did drink a couple of times before I turned 21, and I can remember thinking “oh God, everyone knows. Everyone knows and the cops are on their way.” One time a police officer came by and knocked on my door, and I flipped out, hard. I saw her when I peeped through the window, and while I was putting pants on, I was coming up with a quick list of everything I’ve ever done that she was going to arrest me for, and when it turned out that she just had the wrong house, I spent the rest of the afternoon certain that she’d come back. So no, I never had a fake ID. If I had, I’d probably have had a stroke as well.

But as long as we’re making time for real talk, I’ll go ahead and say that Josh Hutcherson is never going to go to jail over this. I’m sure all of you knew that too, but it’s nice to hear, isn’t it? What if they had to recast his role in Catching Fire because he had to hang out in jail over a lousy bottle of whiskey? That would be the worst, wouldn’t it?