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Is Tom Brady Serious with This Hair?

A photo of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

This is what Tom Brady looked like last night at the Met Gala. For real. This is how he styled his hair, on purpose, and this is how he walked out of his house and into public. On purpose. That’s the part that I can’t get over. Tom Brady did this to himself and his hair intentionally. That much is obvious. Just think: he, or more likely Gisele (I refuse to believe that a professional approved this mess), spent actual time fixing his hair like this. “Let’s but a bunch of gel in it and then just swoop it to the side, it’ll be like the dumbass inbred brother of the faux-hawk.” “Sounds great, honey!”

Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. It is Tom Brady, after all. He’s not exactly known for his stylish mane. Remember this?

A photo of Tom Brady

How could you forget?

Also, you have to consider that in a certain way, Tom Brady’s penchant for absolutely ridiculous hair is an asset. Before his bout of Bieber hair, do you know what I knew Tom Brady for? Nothing. Not a thing at all. I had no clue whatsoever who Tom Brady was, and thanks to his stupid hair, I’ll never forget.

So that’s the question: is it better to have been ridiculous and remembered, or to have never been ridiculous at all?

Image courtesy of TMZ

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  • The real question is the one Tom poses everyday: “How could I have dumped pretty Angie Harmon for the love child of Sarah Jessica Parker and Adolf Hitler?”.

  • Cameron Diaz should sue for him stealing her “There’s Something About Mary” hair-do.

  • “He’s not exactly known for his stylish mane. Remember this”

    Uummm he looks really hot in that picture. B/c he is really hot regardless of the mane. He could dye his hair blue and put it in an afro and he’d still be the hottest