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Tara Reid Says That Getting Drunk Isn’t a Crime

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Guys, if you ever wondered what Courtney Stodden would be like if she ever grew up, it’d be this. Right here, Tara Reid. It’s like they’re the same person almost, save for the fact that one’s got a history of looking like a f-cking moron in public and no one takes them all that seriously. I’ll let you be the judge as to which one that is.

Tara was recently chosen for the cover of Loaded magazine (and trust me, the irony in that is not lost on me), and in the accompanying interview, she talked about how “getting drunk isn’t a crime” (though that’s debatable in some states), and how it really just comes down to brute bullying when people ask her questions about her past. Um, OK?

From Loaded

Tara Reid on her history of alcoholism (she was treated at various rehabs numerous times):

“I did party, but I wasn’t breaking the law. It wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s not like going out and getting drunk is a crime, lots of people do it. It doesn’t make me a bad person because I like to go out and have a drink. I’ve never missed a day’s work.”

On reuniting with the male cast of ‘American Pie’ for ‘American Reunion’:

“The boys were so bad. They’d be licking their fingers and sticking them in each other’s ears, grabbing each other. They regressed to being five-year-olds. The studio had to say, ‘guys, you can’t keep going this crazy, we’re getting complaints from the crew’.”

On why she refused to answer questions about rumors including reports that she got married last year:

“I think bringing up the past is a form of bullying. There’s a form of entrapment.”

I just … I can’t even.

Last, did someone get really crafty with the Photoshop, or did Tara maybe wise up and remove the Frankenboobs*?

*No, no. Photos 5 and 6 in the gallery prove that Frankenboob is still well in effect.

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