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I Guess Amanda Bynes Had Some More Car Trouble Yesterday

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And the reign of terror continues.

Apparently Amanda Bynes hit another car yesterday afternoon while driving in LA, but this time, thankfully, it wasn’t a cop car and girlfriend wasn’t drunk, but the funny thing about the whole incident is that she “didn’t even realize” what she’d done.

From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … a man was driving last night near the intersection of Crescent Heights and Melrose Blvd. when he claims he was sideswiped by a Range Rover that was trying to pass him on the right.

According to our sources, when the SUV didn’t stop, the guy called police and reported the hit and run.

But the guy didn’t let it go there. According to our sources, he began to follow the SUV himself (which wasn’t difficult because there was traffic). We’re told cops responded to the scene and even dispatched a police helicopter to track the SUV, unsure of how severe the accident was.

When cops finally caught up to the Range Rover, we’re told the driver was none other than Bynes … who told police she had no idea she had struck another vehicle. Our sources say the damage to Bynes’ SUV was so minimal, it is possible she didn’t feel the accident.

Law enforcement sources tell us Amanda was very cooperative with police and cops had her exchange information with the other driver. We’re told she was not given a citation and cops will not be investigating the incident further.

So maybe she is getting advice from Lindsay, I don’t know. Maybe next up on the agenda will be clipping a baby in a stroller with her vehicle and taking off, or maybe it’ll be, gosh, landing a shitty Lifetime movie role that she builds up as the be-all, end-all of career apex.

What I want to know, though, is why she didn’t get a ticket or anything. Last I checked, it’s kind of illegal to pass on the right at an intersection. Was the accident at the intersection, or near the intersection? And if it didn’t happen at the intersection, what the hell was she doing trying to pass on the right on a non-highway? Damn, girl. Take some driving lessons while you’re at rehab, too, OK?

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