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Lindsay Lohan Would Love to Help Amanda Bynes

A photo of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes

These past few weeks, ever since Amanda Bynes got that DUI and then kept right on partying, people have been comparing her with Lindsay Lohan. I definitely see it: they were both promising child actors with a great future ahead of them, they both excelled with comedy, then at some point they both started drinking too much, got DUIs, got a “party girl” reputation, spun webs of crack lies, and through it all, they kept right on getting trashed at the Chateau Marmont. Those are a whole lot of similarities, right?

But no, Amanda thinks we’re all just a bunch of clueless sexists:

“Amanda thinks its extremely unfair that people are calling her the new Lindsay Lohan,” a source close to the actress tells exclusively. “Comparisons between the two are just ridiculous as Amanda has never been arrested for drug possession or for stealing anything. Yes, she got arrested for a DUI, but that doesn’t mean that she is headed down the same road as Lindsay. Amanda doesn’t harbor any negative feelings towards Lindsay, she doesn’t even know her, she just thinks it’s sexist that the two are being compared. Men in Hollywood that get arrested for DUI’s don’t face the same scrutiny that women do and that is what really irks Amanda. She isn’t taking the DUI arrest lightly.”

Oh, and speaking of not taking the DUI lightly, here’s a story about how she’s still telling everyone that she wasn’t even drunk:

Hollywood’s newest troubled starlet, Amanda Bynes, is telling friends her Breathalyzer test was negative on the night of her DUI arrest. A source close to the former Nickelodeon actress, who was busted earlier this month after clipping a cop car, tells us: “She is saying she blew a 0.0 on the night she was arrested for DUI. Amanda is hopeful that she won’t be charged. But the bigger concern to her aides is her state of mind and her health. She hasn’t been herself in almost two years, and is clearly struggling. She has been told not to go out to clubs and to lay low. She is truly a little girl lost right now.” Despite the warnings, Bynes has continued to hit the party circuit.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like Lindsay at all. The only reason that we’re even drawing these comparisons is because they both have the same genitalia. Ugh, we’re so superficial.

But for real, Amanda obviously has Lindsay Lohan problems. That’s undeniable, no matter what she says. And who better to help someone with their Lindsay Lohan problems than Lindsay Lohan herself?

According to one of Lindsay Lohan’s best friends, the actress would be more than happy to chat with Amanda Bynes, hoping the young actress’ recent DUI arrest and resulting intense media scrutiny won’t mirror LiLo’s own troubled years — which now, happily, appear to behind her.

According to my own L.A. paparazzi sources, Bynes will be in for continuing attention from the paps — especially as the former child star continues to party hearty in the days since she was pulled over for that alleged DUI.

Lindsay’s doing sooo much better now, I really hope she can be Amanda’s mentor! They can get together and talk about their future Oscar nominations and how much everyone loves them and definitely not get any cocktails whatsoever.

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  • Amanda, I’ll show you how to get the pubes out of your teeth without making that awful face.