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Love It or Leave It: Mary-Kate Olsen’s … “Fashion”

photo of mary kate olsen new york city shopping 2012 pics
You guys, I’m not going to pretend to know what Mary-Kate Olsen‘s been up to lately. I’m sure it’s probably all the same anyway—high fashion photo shoots, seeing how many Marlboros one can smoke in one sitting, avoiding trans fats, slowly killing promising actors via illegally-acquired prescription pills*, and shopping at Alfred Dunner and thrift stores.

But since we haven’t spoken about Mary-Kate Olsen in, oh, about a minute (lie: it’s actually been over a year since we last talked about Mary-Kate Olsen), I figured I’d dig up some more dirt on her, and since the only interesting thing that’s happened to her in the last decade besides that one sandwich and the aforementioned Heath Ledger thing (*that was about Heath Ledger, you know), I’m going to talk about the Heath Ledger thing again since the sandwich is just old news. From the Gothamist:

Did you read the story of the alleged father-son pimp team working a livery-based “brothel on wheels” and think ‘eh, needs more celebrity?’ Well, you asked for it. Let’s throw a little Mary Kate Olsen and Heath Ledger into the mix.

As the Daily News notes, yesterday was the arraignment for 14 alleged johns accused of using the hooker services provided by Vincent George Jr. and Sr. And of those arraigned was a 40-year-old man named Dale Araten who told investigators he “works as a concierge for an entertainment company.” That company? Dualstar, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s entertainment outfit. Oh, and also? Aratan was one of the guards Olsen sent to the apartment of Heath Ledger when he overdosed in 2008. So, there you go.

See, it’s like the Six Degrees of Being a Snarky Little Shit Who Thinks She’s Better Than Everyone But Really Just Accidentally Kills Anyone Worth Anything Because Michelle Williams is Way Cuter. Amazing how you can tie these things all together sometimes. Also, high-class people Mary-Kate rubs elbows with there, huh?

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  • please tell me i’m reading this wrong and you haven’t just made an anorexia joke about someone in recovery from a serious eating disorder…

  • Great Grannie before her time.. These young ladies also shared fun tricks to party with white powder with sister Elizabeth.. these Olsen girls are a rare set of damned daring strangers.. just waiting to get exposed., arrested and locked up in the big house..

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