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Jake Gyllenhaal Still Misses Heath Ledger

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Man, time really does fly, doesn’t it? It’s so crazy to think that Heath Ledger died more than 7 years ago, back in January 2008. I remember when it happened like it was yesterday, and it certainly doesn’t feel that long ago. It still feels particularly fresh for Jake Gyllenhaal, who was close friends with Ledger and, of course, worked with him in Brokeback Mountain. In a new interview with Terry Gross on NPR to promote his new movie, Southpaw, Jake opened up about how much he still misses Heath.

“I’m trying to be present where I am. I’m trying to have relationships that are as real as they possibly can be on a movie set, be close to people because I know that it’s precious,” Gyllenhaal said. “And I know, not only can this career end in a very short period of time and this or that can happen, but also that life is precious.”

“I think losing Heath and being a part of a family that was something like the movie, that movie we all made together, makes you …appreciate that and hopefully moves you away from the things that really don’t matter to the things that do.”

“I miss him as a human being and I miss working with him,” he said, “and what an unfortunate thing it is that we won’t be able to see the beauty of his expression.”

“He was incredibly special and that doesn’t even come close to encapsulating who he is, who he was,” he said.

I’ll be honest in saying that while I absolutely believe that Heath was incredibly talented and had a lot of promise, I wasn’t quite as deeply affected by his death as many seemed to be. However, I think it was more than just being about Heath himself. There was the fact that he was so young, as well, which really shocked people and made it all even sadder. It’s a shame we never got to see him grow more as an actor, for sure.

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Michelle Williams’ Daughter Matilda Is Very Excited for ‘Oz, The Great and Powerful’

Michelle Williams is adorable, so it only stands to reason that her daughter Matilda – who she had with the late Heath Ledger – is also adorable. Michelle has always spent a lot of time with Matilda and taken her to movie sets wherever possible, and Oz, The Great and Powerful is no exception. Turns out, she’s pretty excited to see the film now because she knows what’s going to happen and wants to see it all come together on the big screen.

From People:

“She’s dying to see it. She’s very excited,” the Oz The Great and Powerful star, 32, told PEOPLE during its Wednesday premiere in Hollywood.

“[Director Sam Raimi] really welcomed her on set and he made a very kid-friendly space. She witnessed so much of it being made so she’s really excited to see it come together.”

An avid fan of the original The Wizard of Oz, the 7-year-old has been known to skip over the scarier scenes — “She runs out of the room when … the baboons start to fly,” says Williams — but promises to be brave for the newest flick.

“She said, ‘Mommy, don’t worry, I won’t be scared because I know how everything happens,” says the actress.

I always wonder what kids of celebrity parents must think about their careers. Most stars say that their kids don’t really “get it” and that to them, they’re just Mom or Dad, not such and such the Hollywood actress or whatever. I love this kid. I love that Jason Segel loves this kid. I love everything about this little makeshift family and I don’t know why but I don’t think it matters.

Michelle Williams Should Probably Punch Lindsay Lohan in Lindsay Lohan’s Stupid Face Right About Now

photo of lindsay lohan pictures
So, to preface all of this f-ckery, can I just remind you about how Lindsay Lohan always tried to make it seem like she was Heath Ledger’s one true love, and how she was just so genuinely devastated when he passed, which was five years ago yesterday? Because she did, even up until this past December, because that’s Lindsay: she can’t leave well enough alone, and whenever anyone’s getting any kind of publicity (even when they’re dead), she’s got to go ahead and insert herself in any way she can.

Sigh. Cue Lindsay. As I said, yesterday was the five-year anniversary of Heath Ledger’s death, and in memorial, Lindsay posted this on her Twitter page:

photo of lindsay lohan twitter heath ledger photos, pictures
First of all, if you were confused (like me), “Matty” is actually Heath and Michelle Williams’ daughter, Matilda, lovingly known as “Mattie,” and as far as I’m aware, it was Michelle who carried and birthed Matilda, and not Lindsay. OK? Do you see where I’m going with this? Because now you can see what Lindsay did here—this is a dick move. … No, this is actually a c-nt move, and as much as I hate that word, I’m willing to admit that it’s the word I whisper most forcefully when I’m really, really pissed off, and I feel like Lindsay Lohan and her unbelievable self-absorption justifies that anger.

Can I just go ahead and call Lindsay Lohan a scumbag? Can I? Because when my back’s against the wall and I have no more verbal ammunition, “scumbag” is the first thing that comes to mind, guys. And Lindsay Lohan is the epitome of “scumbag.”

What Made Christian Bale Cry at Last Night’s MTV Movie Awards?

If you guessed it had something to do with fans who would be better off to have screwdrivers driven through their heads, you’d be wrong (I think). If you guessed it had something to do with the ‘Batman’ franchise, and the departed Heath Ledger, then you’d definitely be right, because after watching footage of the previous ‘Batman’ movies, Christian Bale found himself all choked up on stage while talking about how “good” it was to see Heath’s portrayal of the Joker character.

Heath Ledger passed away back in January of 2008, and it’s definitely a mark of how well-loved he was that people are still choking up four-and-a-half years later at the mention of his name or viewing of his former projects.

In all honesty, it’s nice to see Bale showing a side of him that I never thought existed—I definitely assumed he was 100% angst and competitiveness and anger and fan-hatred, and even though it’s sad that we had to experience this Bale because of the death of Heath Ledger, it’s still way more than I ever thought it could be, guys.

Lindsay Lohan Was in Love with Heath Ledger, Wrote About It in Her Diary

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

I just don’t know about Lindsay anymore, you guys. At this point, if anyone in the world told me anything at all about her, I would believe it. Lindsay Lohan is crushing and snorting moon rocks? Sure. Lindsay Lohan bathes in blood from the morgue to keep her skin looking youthful? Well, she might want to try something else. Lindsay Lohan kept a diary in which she admitted that Heath Ledger was the love of her life? Oh, Lindsay:

“Today Heath died,” Lindsay wrote with a pink pen on January 22, 2008. “I’m in love with him…. He was the love of my life. He taught me so much, and he was everything I’ve ever wanted and more.

“I want to hear him laugh and hold me. I crave his touch and care.”

The couple were so close that the Mean Girls star was even planning to visit Ledger in New York City just days after he died from an overdose of prescription drugs, Star exclusively reveals in the new issue.

Lindsay, who has famously battled her own demons with drugs and drink, broke down in tears when she heard the news that Heath had died. “When a person dies the world stops. I’m numb,” she wrote.

In a 2008 phone conversation obtained by, Lohan’s mom, Dina, told dad Michael that their daughter was “dating Heath when he died.”

This isn’t the first time that Lindsay name-dropped Heath Ledger, if you’ll recall. But was she really in a relationship with him? Were they secret lovers up until his death? I don’t think so. I would buy that Lindsay really did write that and she believed it, but – and maybe this is just my unbelievably high opinion of Heath Ledger coming into play – I can’t believe that the feeling was even remotely mutual.

What do you guys think?

Quotables: Naomi Watts Talks Heath Ledger, I Forgot They Even Dated

“We had a beautiful relationship, only a couple of years, but he was a man who was completely full of joy, and there was a lot of laughing and affection. He was really a very special soul. … [Heath was such] a great actor, but I know there was so much more to come. It’s such a tragedy for his little daughter.”

By a show of hands, who remembers that Naomi and Heath hooked up for a long period of time? Because they apparently did. And I don’t know where I was during that time (oh, wait … it says that they were in a relationship from 2002-2004, and those were probably some of my blurriest years; it’s NO WONDER I missed something that cool), but I apparently missed it.

Anyway, Naomi spouts the normal “gone too soon” business about Heath (which is totally true, don’t get me wrong), but all I can think about is how jealous I am of these gorgeous women who had the pleasure of spending extended periods of time in Heath’s presence. He was always a favorite of mine, always in my top three favorite Hollywood men with regard to looks, demeanor, and talent, and he’s always dated some of the nicest girls, even if some of them want to write love letters for a living instead of acting. I mean, that just sounds to me like someone’s been in too many romance films. As if that crap even happens in real life, jeesh.

Michelle Williams Stuns with Resemblance to Marilyn Monroe

A photo of Michelle Williams on the cover of Vogue's October issue

Michelle Williams, dolled up as iconic, tragic bombshell Marilyn Monroe, graces the pages of the October issue of Vogue, out next Tuesday. (Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz is behind the lens.)

This isn’t the first time Williams has posed as Marilyn: she appeared in a haunting promo shot for her upcoming role in the movie My Week with Marilyn.

In the Vogue interview, pin-thin Williams admits she tried to gain weight for the part. “Unfortunately, it went right to my face,” she explains. “So at some point it became a question of, ‘Do I want my face to look like Marilyn Monroe’s, or my hips?’” The director settled, finally, on using foam padding to create Marilyn’s curves.

Williams threw herself into studying Monroe’s life, mannerisms, and movements for the part.

“I do remember one moment of being all suited up as Monroe,” Williams explains, “and walking from my dressing room onto the soundstage practicing my ‘wiggle’.

“There were three or four men gathered around a truck, and I remember seeing that they were watching me—and for the very first time, I glimpsed some idea of the pleasure I could take in that kind of attention. Not their pleasure, but my pleasure. And I thought, ‘Oh, maybe Marilyn felt that way when she walked down the beach.’”

On losing Heath Ledger:

Three years ago, it felt like we didn’t have anything, and now my life—our life—has kind of repaired itself.

Look, it’s not a perfectly operating system—there are holes and dips and electrical storms—but the basics are intact.

It’s changed how I see the world and how I interact on a daily basis. It’s changed the parent I am. It’s changed the friend I am. It’s changed the kind of work that I really want to do. It’s become the lens through which I see life—that it’s all impermanent.

Image gallery via Buzzfeed and Vogue