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We Haven’t Forgotten You, Anna Faris

photo of anna faris magazine pictures
OK, I mean, we did, but it wasn’t our fault. You haven’t done anything super amazing since, what, The House Bunny? Wait, no, that’s not right. Definitely since Mama’s Boy. No, no, that’s not right either. Right! Since Brokeback Mountain. You were nominated for some kind of award for your performance, right? I mean, not YOU specifically, but the movie itself, so then yes, that.

Also, did you guys know that Anna Faris is doing another Scary Movie movie? Did you guys even know that there was going to be another Scary Movie movie? Neither did I, and it’s apparently the fifth (!) installment in the series. Check out the interview with Manhattan magazine where she talks about the origins of her role in Scary Movie and how taking herself so seriously took its toll on her career.

On the casting of Scary Movie:

“I’ve asked Keenen why he cast me, and he said, ‘Because you didn’t know what you were doing.’ Does that mean I was malleable? Willing to fall down a hundred times and get hit in the head more? I don’t know. [Pause] The real answer is, it’s because I took myself so seriously.”

On being funny and wearing granny pants:

“In college one of my jobs was as a receptionist, and during my lunch breaks I’d wander around the city. So, on this particularly beautiful day, I was out walking in a dress, wearing my backpack, feeling great. But then I realized I was attracting a lot of looks, really getting checked out, which really made me angry, although I bet I loved it, even if I wouldn’t admit it. So, I’m scowling and stomping around when an older lady in a van pulls over and yells, ‘Hey girlie, your a** is showing!’ My dress had gotten hiked up under my backpack, giving full view of my Costco granny panties. My ass is showing, and I’m condemning a city full of lecherous men! That’s what I think [of] when I think about comedy and what it is.”

On her dream character:

“That’s what I would love to play! A woman who is unambitious, has no maternal instinct, is liberated from vanity, relishes porn and is pretty much the female version of the comic male mess.”

So, wait. I’m guessing, what, she wants to be Sarah Silverman, then? Because she’s just way too pretty for that, you know.